31 December 2008

Happy New Year!

David and I wish everyone a Happy New Year and a good luck to Siobhan in 2009! We're all hoping for good things to come!!!

My favorite Siobhan moment of 2008 would have to be creating this blog for her! I'm glad that she likes it and I hope everyone else is enjoying it too!

See you next year!

29 December 2008

Site Updates

Just to let everyone know because it might go unnoticed, that I have updated the Mp3 and Video section to this present day. I have put up the recording of Can't Smile Without You that gem gave us; regardless of its quality I still have listened to it countless times!

In the video section you will find all the Christmas Special performances that include interviews as well, all parts of Siobhan in Connie's Story, and the Grease performance on Children In Need. All were over a year ago, so Siobhan I think it's about time you return to being in front of the camera, we miss you!

If they're any other video clips or Mp3's that people would like to have such as group performances or behind the scenes stuff please just send me an email, I love them!

22 December 2008

New Tribute Video!

I thought it was about time to make another one of these things! It seems like I'm making one a year! Who knows, maybe I'll have more footage to work with next year!

The song I think you will probably recognize and I hope you enjoy it!

Merry Christmas!

14 December 2008


Every one's favorite performance is finally here and it doesn't disappoint in the slightest. It's the most popular Maria performance watched online, and there's a good reason for it. It's just the way she sings the words. If any of the other girls sang it, it just wouldn't be the same. Her voice has such a beautiful tone to it that it's hard to compare it to anything. All I can think of is as church bell; it has that beautiful harmonious charm to it and it never wavers.

It's also this unexplained emotion she puts into her voice when she sings. I can't put my finger on it but it's almost depressing. Which I mean in the best way; I love my ballads very emotional.

Songbird starts off with a practice with Andrew where she sings a lyric to him. That line is amazing! I rewind it so many times it's embarrassing to say. "Cause I feel that when I'm with you!" I love the way she sings "that," she sounds even better without a band to back her also.

But with the band, the performance is stunning. All she needs is her voice, no male dancers, and no choreography is needed. Some points of the song to watch out for that I like myself are "I'd never be cold," and the ending is my favorite part of the song. The bands stops and it's just her voice singing "like never before." It's just unbelievably beautiful, there's really no more that I can say. Beautiful really does say it all.

Even Andrew could hardly breathe after it! I think she was purposely put last to end the show, and the panel had comments I actually wish were better; as funny as that sounds. She got great praise but it still felt like a slap in the face. "You could be my mar-...leading lady any day baby, you so could." What's that John? Huh? ....No I'm just kidding, no hard feelings John! She got great comments, even from Andrew! "This is the night that the porcelain doll becomes flesh and blood." Even though she's always been human and he was too daft to notice until this episode, I still loved that line!

Her constant "Thank yous" were so cute as well, I don't even blame her for giving a mountain full of grins. The whole thing seemed kind of overwhelming for her, or maybe she was giving that great sigh of relief that it went so well. It really was her night after all, she also was chosen to sing with the children and during So Long, Farewell, her voice was heard above all the others easily.

Watch Songbird!


PS: Awww bless her for thinking of her Grandma:)))

6 December 2008

Audio of Can't Smile Without You

Thanks to Gem from the TIF we have an audio of Siobhan's solo Can't Smile Without You. Although not the best quality, it still gives an idea of what she sounded like for those who weren't able to see the show. I haven't heard her voice for a year so this was just amazing to listen to.

Here's the Youtube link:


There are other audios of Siobhan on Gem's youtube account if you want to take a look!

Thanks again Gem!!

30 November 2008

Reviews from Fran!

One of Siobhan's biggest fans Fran was lucky enough to see CSWY twice in the same week, including the final night! Here are her reviews of Thursday's and Saturday's show! ---

Hmmm, no flame retardant clothing was needed although there was a slightly batty guy sitting behind me in the second act singing away!....

I resisted the urge to: A/ Hit him and tell him to shut up B/ Laugh uncontrollably!....

Well THANK GOD! we had a full cast last night!....

I made a slight plank of myself as I was waiting by the stage door after the matinee to see if everyone (well one person) was present.... Saw her come out of the stage door (relief) but she didn't see me!.... Ahhh all ok so I thought why not pop to the pub on the corner for a bevvie whilst I'm waiting..... So I walked round the corner and there is no pub but a restaurant and as I'm doing so Siobhan is leaving in a car and sees me!.... Oh god! She probably thinks I'm stalking her!.... Bah!....

Anyways so after wandering off for a little while I return to the stage door wait for the cast to return.... Fran is first and then along come Chesney and Siobhan.... So I give her a little wave and she toodles over and says "What are you doing here?".... Erm.... Coming to see you?.... She didn't get my message!.... Anyways she was running late so she asked if I would be there later.... Er.... YEAH!.... I told her I was in the front row but to let Chesney know I wasn't wanting any of his "funny business!".... She was like ooooh I'm gonna tell him to come over to you!.... Eeeek!.... Not funny!....

Anyways I take up my seat in the front row.... Very nice, almost dead central....

Impressions of the show.... Very cheesy but some great singing by all the cast of the Manilow classics!.... Now we get to the part where Chesney is going to get beaten up.... Some fan gave him their phone number.... Their name?.... FRAN!.... I was like, hmmm is that supposed to be a name check?....

Anyways Siobhan's solo's were fab!.... But I was also impressed by Chesney and Fran (even though she doesn't have an awful lot of time in the show)....

Fortunately Chesney picked on an older lady in the front row a couple down from me to sing to.... Thank goodness!.... Maybe it was my nooooo! signals I was giving him!

Anyways show over and to the stage door I go!.... They all come out pretty quickly and Siobhan comes out from the stage door and says "Hello Darlin!".... Anyways we exchanged pleasantries and have a quick chat, including getting introduced to Chesney and then telling him my VERY embarrassing story of when I was 16 outside Radio 1 chasing his car down the road to get an autograph!.... Oooh the things you do when you're young!....

Anyways good news!, Siobhan has got financing for her album!.... An independent record label will release it sometime next year!.... She hasn't finished writing for it yet but it looks likely that none of her original material will make it to this new album.... She did say that on Alecia Dixon's new album there is a track on it that she originally recorded.... I'll have to have a look to see if I can remember which one!.... As she said it would give us an idea of the kind of stuff she's doing.... I asked her about the music going on MySpace and she said it will get done....

She said that she wants to concentrate on the album now so I think that's it for musicals for her, for the time being which is sad.... She did say that she has been asked to audition for some musicals but has decided against in favour of her music.... I asked about Can't Smile continuing next year.... Its possible but if Siobhan's concentrating on her album then I assume it could be without her....

I also asked about the neck incident for which I got a very strange answer!....Ok, what happened was Siobhan knitted herself an amazingly long scarf.... She was wearing it one day whilst driving but shut it in the door by accident.... I have no idea how but it got caught round the wheel of her car (Smart car) and nearly chocked her!.... Hence the reason why she was wearing scarves, to cover the burn marks on her neck!.... Oh my god!.... I'm thinking this could only have happened to Siobhan!.... Odd story but TRUE!, poor girl nearly killed herself....

Anyways chat over, the cast went off for drinks and I went off to the town centre to wait for my coach back to London.... The coldest 2 hour wait of my life!....BUT I'm doing it again on Saturday!.... Can't resist! Well who knows when we'll get to see Siobhan again singing on stage?.... Maybe at the O2?.... I wish her all the best in the persuit of her singing career!....


Hey all....

Suppose I should post something about going to see Siobhan at the final performance of Can't Smile....

I only got back this morning and felt like a train wreck, overnight coaches aren't a good thing!...

Well I got into Darlington yesterday at 18.30 and went straight over to the Box Office to pick up my ticket, the matinee was just kicking out when I arrived.... I went into the box office and got my ticket but as I was speaking to the staff Siobhan popped in and said hi.... She also had to give the box office staff a forwarding address for a package she hadn't received from Connie.... Had a quick chat about not an awful lot but said to her about Isadora Duncan which she knew about and said "but I didn't die!" To which I replied, THANK GOD!.... Or something along those lines....

She said she had to go but asked if I would be about later.... I said that Beej would be down from Edinburgh to see the last show too so we'd catch up with her later.... I also saw Chesney at the Stage Door before he left and he remembered me and said "Hi Fran" which I thought was nice.... Incidentally the name check was for me the other night!.... Funny!.... Ooh and apparently the matinee was complete carnage!.... Siobhan asked me if I had been to see it but I couldn't get there on time.... She said that a couple of times she couldn't stop laughing, too many pranks to mention specifically but she said it was funny....

Anyways after our chat I trotted to a pub to have a bevvie and keep warm.... I then went back to the theatre before the show to meet up with Beej....

Anyways we take out seats for the last show, Chesney is off so the U/S Richard Taylor Woods was on.... He was actually very good.... Chesney sounds more like Barry Manilow when he sings but RTW was a good all rounder.... I thought that Richard and Siobhan were a good pairing and they sounded great together.... Siobhan's solo's were perfect, she just sounded amazing!.... Would love to be able to get my hands on an audio!....

Well after 27 Manilow songs it was all over!.... Siobhan genuinely looked a bit emotional at the curtain call and they all got a good standing ovation which was lovely!....

After the show Beej and I took our place at the Stage Door to wait for the cast.... Beej managed to get a couple of posters from the show, nice one!.... I had asked on Thursday but was told no!.... Some people just have luck!....

Anyways Siobhan comes out and heads over.... I really have no idea what we talked about.... Maybe something to do with all the wine I had drunk!.... All I can remember is Beej and I telling her that it would be a crime for her to go back to handbag designing, she needs to sing!.... Plus we were sad she wasn't going to do anymore shows for a while.... She's definitely going to concentrate on her music, and has said that if the record company wish she may do some live promotion gigs once the c.d is released.... So that's kinda good news to hope for!.... Anyways after a few minutes she was off, so we wished her well and off she went....

Who knows when we'll see her about again, hopefully in the not too distant future that's for sure.... Her voice is too special not to be heard!....

29 November 2008

The Final Night!

Siobhan's last show of Can't Smile Without You is today and I just want to wish her the best of luck! Not just to do brilliantly, (which won't be a problem!) but not to hurt herself on stage because she really doesn't need anymore accidents!! LOL

This is probably a really special day for Siobhan because she doesn't know when she will be tackling musical theatre again. She wants to focus on getting her album out now and who knows when she will be in a show again, if she ever is! Which is a scary thought! She needs to sing live as much as possible in her lifetime.

I for one am very excited for the album, and after waiting 2 and a half years, I don't mind how long it takes for her to release it! (well, sometime before the next school year please! haha)

If you are going to tonight, I envy you! I really wish I could be there! Siobhan you doing anything in April? lol

27 November 2008

Another Lovely Review!

OK, I'm speaking the truth this time; I actually like this one!

It's short and isn't very keen on Chesney Hawkes but she seems to have loved Siobhan, which I am totally fine with!

It is such a great feeling to read some nice compliments (unlike others!) towards the end of the show. Her final night is this Saturday, November 29th.

WHAT: Can’t Smile Without You

WHERE: Darlington Civic Theatre

WHEN: Until Saturday

VERDICT: Disappointing male lead but superb support from cast

THERE ARE some excellent elements to this musical but unfortunately the male lead isn’t one of them.

Chesney Hawkes, although much better looking than Barry Manilow, just doesn’t have a strong enough voice to do justice to an international superstar.

It’s easy to see why he was chosen for the role. He has similar colouring and there are times when he does sound like the man himself.

However, all too often he seemed to struggle for those high notes.

He was outshone in spectacular fashion by Siobhan Dillon, a runner-up on the BBC’s How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria.

Her voice is a joy to hear. Her presence on stage is mesmerising.

The harmonies from the cast are as tight as you could ever hope to hear. The band is great and Howard Samuels injects some much-needed comedy into the show.


26 November 2008

Darlington CSWY Review

A wonderful, just absolutely lovely review of Can't Smile Without You has landed on the web and it's something that should not be missed!

The One and Only one-hit wonder, Chesney Hawkes teams up with ‘reality’ rejects Siobhan Dillon (How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?) and Francesca Jackson (I’d Do Anything) to star in this contrived musical based around the songs of Barry Manilow.

Hawkes plays Tony Lowiman (notice the ‘witty anagram’), an aspiring young musician who is offered the chance to participate in a reality TV talent contest and become the next pop sensation. However, before he can realise his dream, he is caught up in a tragic sequence of events which leave him fighting for his life.

Francesca Jackson plays Lucy, his girlfriend who is, surreptitiously, romantically involved with his best friend and fellow band member, Scott (Edward Handoll). Siobhan Dillon is Mandy, the abrasive PA of Jeff (Howard Samuels), a smarmy TV executive.

Tony falls for Mandy but doesn’t want to hurt Lucy, Lucy wants Scott to reveal the truth about their affair to Tony, Jeff wants to make a star of Tony but not the rest of the band . . . it all gets rather complicated!

After a gig one evening, Tony is given a note from a fan which offers her name and telephone number. Without having even met the girl, he is accused by her boyfriend of attempting to steal her from him. This results in him being beaten up by the boyfriend and two other thugs in the most unconvincing fight scene in the history of musical theatre.

The plot is as thin as a size-zero supermodel and to say that the acting is wooden would be an insult to Pinocchio. The biggest fault lies with Tim Prager’s writing, which is banal and predictable at best and contains enough corn to keep the Jolly Green Giant supplied for the next decade. However, the cast do little to redeem themselves, too.

Although Chesney Hawkes has a decent enough singing voice his performance lacks the passion that is necessary to completely engage with his character. This could also be said of the two leading ladies. Both seem desperate to prove themselves as legitimate actresses and singers, rather than just reality show runners-up. Each tries to out-sing the other, particularly in the duet and trio numbers, until their pitch only becomes audible to dogs and dolphins. And Siobhan Dillon’s New York accent didn’t so much wander - it ran away.

Howard Samuels as Jeff was more camp than a row of pink tents as he flounced around the stage, gesticulating as though he had an itch in a place that he dared not to scratch.

The setting was basic, using little in the way of real scenery, although the dropcloth, which depicted a New York and London skyline, was used throughout, despite the fact that certain scenes were supposed to be taking place in New England, Monte Carlo, Saint Louis, Houston, Los Angeles and Chicago.

The addition of overhead signs to explain the scene setting added to the feeling that the audience was being presented with theatre-by-numbers.

The undoubted stars of the show were Manilow’s songs and Can’t Smile Without You includes more than thirty of them. Unfortunately, direction from Bill Kenwright and Keith Strachan and choreography by Carole Todd cannot do anything to save this lame bird. This is one turkey that even Bernard Matthews would have trouble off-loading.

Steve Burbridge.


Well as you can see I was obviously kidding, it is the worst review CSWY has had so far. But I'm not taking it seriously, it actually makes me laugh!

21 November 2008

Smile? Siobhan is grinning like...

SIOBHAN Dillon nearly knew how to solve a problem like Maria, won a record deal, a role in Grease, and another record deal in America...

Now the 24-year-old is touring as the female romantic lead in a brand new musical love story featuring 30 of the songs of Barry Manilow.

Next stop Darlington, she plays Mandy opposite Chesney Hawkes of The One And Only fame at the Civic Theatre for the week from Monday in CAN’T SMILE WITHOUT YOU, a show fully endorsed by Mr Manilow himself.

Siobhan was 21 and a fashion design student at London University when her life was changed by How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?

The winner of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s first TV show search for a West End star would land the lead, played on film by Julie Andrews, in the new production of The Sound Of Music.

Siobhan came third but was told on live TV by Andrew that she had a record deal to make an album with his company. Her showbiz career took off and she never returned to university.
Siobhan, from Lichfield in Staffordshire, has been singing for most of her young life.

“I used to do Barry Manilow’s I Write The Songs. I used to sing it all the time when I was eight or nine.

“I had two years of singing lessons at ten and made a demo record at 14, then I did Michael Parkinson’s charity ball at Bray in Berkshire for three years in a row from 15-17.”

The chat show maestro’s son Nick had heard her sing and first asked her to appear.
“I used to drive people mad singing so, after A levels, decided I wanted a change. I thought fashion was calling me but I was getting withdrawal symptoms from not being able to sing.”

That is when she heard of the hunt for Maria. She got to the semi-final but she became ill, her voice was affected, and she was eliminated ... but the show had not heard the last of her.
One of the last three dropped out, and she found herself in the final which Connie Fisher won. The pair are now best friends.

After making her album, she was cast in another new West End musical revival, Grease. She stayed for a year, playing Patty Simcox, the cheerleader with a crush on Danny, and understudying the female lead role of Sandy.

“I left in June and went straight to America to write and record songs in Nashville for the new album I want to release next year.”

She had won the role of Mandy before she left.

“I came home from America on the Sunday and went straight into rehearsals for this in August. After three weeks, we were off on this massive tour, my first tour.”

The show has turned Siobhan into a Barry Manilow fan.

“Since doing this show I’m converted and love the songs very much. I can’t get them out of my head.”

The tour ends just before Christmas.

“It might go into London’s West End next year,” says Siobhan. “That would be nice and, if they asked me back to do it, I would - but I’m hoping to go into films now. I’d really like to be on screen.”

Can’t Smile Without You:

Civic Theatre, Darlington Monday, Nov 24-Saturday, Nov 29, details 01325 486555.


11 November 2008


Ahh the 3rd live show, well it was definitely fun and upbeat and I watched it quite a few *cough cough* too many times. But, if I had to pick a least favorite performance, it would be Jump. Not that I'm saying Siobhan did poorly in it at all, I thought she was fantastic as always. It was just the song, I couldn't take it seriously. It was just a pop song that didn't have any real depth so it's not a performance I would watch over and over again.

But it's not like this performance doesn't take home any awards. It sooo wins for best ever in the world facial expression! I mean seriously!! Look at that picture!! AMAZING! LOL

Well let's see, it started out with her interview about how everyone is pictured. Everyone knew Leanne was untrained because we were told 24/7 but Siobhan wanted people to know that she was as well. I'm glad that that wasn't the case though, because in the end it kinda hurt Leanne with Andrew calling her "Baby Maria." Siobhan was practically maybe a year older than Leanne so the same could've happened to her. She also felt that she wasn't as good as the rest of the Marias, which goes to show how stressful these competitions are. Crying everyday, constantly thinking every which way. That's why you really need to be confident in yourself and not care what others think of you if you want to survive, or at least still be sane by the end of it.

But even when she's feeling vulnerable she is still able to throw in a good joke! "And Leanne has got this confidence thing, that just oozes out of every pore! I don't know where she's got it from but I want whatever she's taking!" LOL ..oh good times!

Some of my favorite parts from the song or maybe just one favorite part was when she first said jump and she actually did in those heels! She almost slipped and you could see John absolutely going wild in the background, it was just one those "Oh!" moments.

The comments weren't particularly great but at least Zoe made her sing once more, which was so high every time I listen to it I feel like I'm going to fall off my chair! Even Andrew payed attention which can be difficult for him sometimes. He said she originally planned to do "Your so Vain" by Carly Simon, which I would've really preferred. If she did it right, then it would have really shown a comedic side to her, AND at the same time she could have made fun of David Ian! That's like a two for one deal there! She said why she decided not to sing it, but I couldn't make out what she was saying exactly. And Andrew was half satisfied.

Note to self: I'll say this episode wins for worst costuming/make-up/and hair out of all 3 shows! Hmm indeed!

Get Well!

Word has it that Siobhan will be out of 'Can't Smile Without You' for a little while because she is feeling under the weather. We don't know how long she will be out for, but all we can say is get well soon Siobhan and hope you feel better!

9 November 2008

New Video Section!

Tada! Now the site has all of Siobhan's performances in .wmv format, for anyone who is interested who does not yet have Siobhan in nice HDness, then your free to download for days!

The video section will continue to grow over time with group songs, the christmas special, and other tv clips.

4 November 2008

Nottingham Says Yes!

Review: Can't Smile Without You, Theatre Royal
Tuesday, November 04, 2008

MAMMA Mia has a lot to answer for. Take a band's back catalogue, throw in a perfunctory story and stir. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't (Shang A Lang anyone?).

If you adopt the same thinking to Barry Manilow songs, just how far up the cheese-ometer will it go? Thankfully, not that far, because if you want a thoroughly escapist night out with some fine musicianship, top singing voices and a knowing glint in its eye, I urge you to beat a path to the Theatre Royal this week.
Can't Smile Without You, does exactly what it says on the tin. It's a night of pop tunesmith Manilow magic.

There may be a story about a singer meeting a girl on a his stag weekend in New York, falling in love, and coming back to Blighty, only to be injured in a fight in which he loses his memory.

But it's only a device to get us thinking about when the next hit will be played – and whether true love will find a way.

Chesney Hawkes takes the lead role of Tony Lowiman (crossword fans should be able to work that one out!) and he is more than ably accompanied by Francesca Jackson as fiancée Lucy and Siobhan Dillon as television executive PA Mandy (cue for a song perhaps?)

The band, under the musical direction of John Maher, are extremely tight, with some of the arrangements enhancing what Manilow has already given us.
The Theatre Royal audience for opening night lapped up this piece of musical theatre with many suggesting on the way out a return later in the week.
It's the next best thing to a concert by the man himself. What better endorsement do you need?

29 October 2008

Siobhan Interview in Crewe Chronicle

Siobhan Dillon - say cheese
Oct 29 2008 by Will Harris, Crewe Chronicle

From a televised hunt for a West End star, to a musical based around the songs of Barry Manilow – no wonder Siobhan Dillon is smiling from ear to ear. WILL HARRIS meets her

HOMECOMING queen Siobhan Dillon reckons she has solved a problem like a career. The Lichfield-born actress, who got a lucky break on the BBC1 talent search show How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?, returns to nearby Hanley to star in the Barry Manilow musical Can’t Smile Without You on the Regent Theatre stage next month.

Siobhon, 24, says she had always wanted to be a singer from when she was a little girl. But she since flirted with careers in art and design, fashion and photography before taking a chance in the Andrew Lloyd Webber show two years ago.

“All the way through school I wanted to be a singer. But then at A-level I looked more at art and design and found myself in fashion and photography.

“I still design now, and I think I will do that professionally at some point. I think I would still be there if I hadn’t done Maria?”

She adds: “Initially for me it was just about singing. I remember sitting watching American Idol on telly and I thought ‘I really want to do this’.”

Luck was on her side. Siobhon auditioned for Maria? but found herself fall just outside the final 10 places. However, finalist Emilie Alford dropped out, allowing her to take her place and prove her worth to reach the final three.

“One thing led to another and then I found myself in the final and wondering how I was going to do this,” she says.

“At the time I don’t think I was really prepared for the role of Maria. Connie Fisher’s a very hard act to follow – she is Maria except, of course, for Julie Andrews. I think if they asked me to replace her they would be nuts, but who knows, it could happen.”

Siobhon’s musical theatre career has already seen her star in the West End production of Grease as Patti, while she also hopes to release a solo album next year.

Her visit to the Regent, from November 17, will see her star along The One And Only hitman Chesney Hawkes, and she confesses she has a bit of a soft spot for him.

“He’s such a sweet guy and he’s really humble. I was really surprised.

“Everywhere he goes people ask him to sing that song, but he’s great with fans. People shout at him ‘are you the one and only’ and you think, ‘wow, I bet he’s never heard that before!’

“The show itself is a made-up story, not really about Barry Manilow at all, and the main character of Tony has nothing to do with Barry Manilow either. It’s a story built around a catalogue of his songs.”

And she says a visit to Staffordshire means a good excuse to catch up with all her friends and family again.

“My mum’s organised for a lot of people to come and watch me. I hope to get some time with them because I miss them so much.”

Can’t Smile Without You runs at the Regent Theatre from Monday, November 17, until Saturday, November 22. Shows start at 8pm with 2.30pm matinee performances on Wednesday and Saturday. Tickets are £10-£28, phone 0870 060 6649 or visit www.theambassadors.com/regent to book.

26 October 2008

The Journal Review

Well you can't always get what you want right? Atleast the reviewer didn't lash out at anyone specifically, just said the musical was "bad-good" or "bad-bad" I don't think they picked one in the end. Actually the whole article it seemed like the reviewer just really didn't care either way.

The acting is solid-oak-furniture wooden, and there doesn’t seem to be quite enough chemistry between the leading couple, although marginal compensation is provided by the efforts of Lauren (Francesca Jackson) who appears to be a bit more warm and emotive.

Well I'm happy for Fran with a nice comment but that just sucks for Siobhan with the "wooden" comment. I know any fan and myself would have just loved to chuck a chunk of it at the person who has called her that.

He/she did like the songs though, The show-stoppers of the night are “Can’t Smile Without You” and “Copacabana” – does Siobhan sing both of these? Well they like her voice atleast there's no denying that.

For full review:


Of course if the article didn't make you smile I thought the new fan photo might!

15 October 2008

Love You On The Floor Baby!

It was time for the second live show and Andrew wanted to see her come out of that "beautiful porcelain doll shell." And well, I knew she would, I knew she would. This happened to be the last episode I saw in England, so I do have quite a few quick memories from the night. My family would chit chat throughout the show, so it would be difficult to hear anything that could be missed easily but thankfully they did shut up when solo performances were on.

While I watched intently trying to block everything else out, my family would comment on little things like "why is that girl on the floor? Isn't that a bit sexual?" I just kept that as a mental note for later (Andrew wasn't the only one thinking bad things!) But with all that aside, I tried my hardest to watch "Chains." It was my first time hearing the song I admit, so I had nothing to compare it to, but wow was it good! Big difference from Pop Siobhan to Angst Siobhan! And yet she makes it look so easy!

I thought the beginning part was flawless. I loved every note and every expression. It was the chorus that was my least favorite. Which was well, all of 3 lines!

Some great rewind moments for me are "I never thought this could happen to me!" and "I said baby baby look at me!"

Best part though by far was "Baby look at me!" (In the background you can see John jumping excitedly in his chair after this line, ahhhhh priceless!) She was completely going for it there; she was going all out to nail this performance. And that little head swing at the end was just an added bonus!

I'll probably go out on a limb and say I think she recieved more praise for this performance than Songbird. I will also go out and say this was probably the first time John said a word three times in a row and used it as his comment. Be honored Siobhan, you were the first of many....

Check out Chains!

13 October 2008

Join Siobhan's Songbirds!

It has been just over two years now since How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria ended and there are still some avid Siobhan Dillon fans out there. With me being one of them, I thought that constructing a members list for anyone who wants to join would be a worthy idea.

It would also give me an insight of how many there actually are you!

This is just a way to get to know one another, and to share your thoughts on Maria and other topics with other Songbird members.

The link below will bring you to the Songbirds Fan Blog and on it you will come across my profile. To become a member all you have to do is send me (Jess) or David an email of all of the questions shown or as many as you like (even add your own!) You can also attach with your email, a picture of yourself to be displayed next to your information, but of course that is optional. We will then post your profile to the blog for everyone to see!


Your profile link will be on a members list towards the bottom of the page for you look at anytime.

If you need any help or have any suggestions please email us:

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12 October 2008

Siobhan Interview

Great interview with Siobhan in the 'News of the World.'


10 October 2008

Siobhan's New Myspace Page!!

Check out Siobhan's lovely new Myspace page:


This lady deserves your support!

3 October 2008

Siobhan Is Ducked!

The adventurous Brian the Duck has made his way to the cast of 'Can't Smile Without You'. He likes to take pictures with the famous and next on his list was Siobhan. I do say though, what a similar pair of lips!


2 October 2008

Who Is This Helen Jones?

The What's On Stage Manchester Review for Can't Smile Without You has just recently surfaced online and I am very surprised to read the first bashing for Siobhan.

"But How Do You Solve A Problem like Maria’s Siobhan Dillon as Mandy (geddit?) doesn’t possess either the same charisma or the ability to convey any personality. She spends most of the performance looking stiff and unnatural, leaving only her face or voice to convey any character. As such, Mandy is not quite the enigmatic figure that you know from the iconic song."

As soon as I read that my thoughts right away were, "Ok if this is a guy, he is gay and only gushes for Chesney. And if this is a woman, well then she is just crazy jealous of the girl for being able to hold Chesney."

But since this is the stand out review since every one of the others give her nothing but praise we will just try to dismiss this one shall we?

I mean c'mon Helen, you might as well throw Siobhan down the stairs.


Siobhan & Chesney

It seems that Siobhan and Mr. Hawkes have as much chemistry off stage as they do when they are performing. Well apparently her and her costar have hit if off and as Siobhan puts it, "having a right laugh together now." But Chesney explains it in a slightly different and for me, humorous way, "I’m living in digs with my leading lady, Siobhan Dillon. She’s lovely and we’re friends. Kristy doesn’t have any worries or doubts about it."

Living in digs with Siobhan? What a lucky married man with three children...

For the full article:

Siobhan Dillon was seven when Chesney Hawkes rocketed to pop stardom ...

And for the Chesney article:

I think men can have female friends...

Kate Stirrup's Review

A few weeks ago I asked if anyone wanted to leave any questions for Kate to ask Siobhan when she interviewed her. Well now that interview is up online for everyone to read below, it is short and sweet but that is all we need right?


23 September 2008

It's Siobhan! Look!

Continuing in our Maria reviews is Siobhan's first live performance "Man! I Feel Like A Woman". I have a clear memory of watching this episode because I had missed the 2nd show and was crossing my fingers and toes to see her in the opening number. But when I didn't catch of glimpse of honey golden hair I was getting worried. Having questions in my mind like "How the hell did she NOT get through?" But I counted 9 girls, not 10, and still had those toes crossed!

Luckily enough, halfway through, that "bugger off girl" dropped out and guess who was strutting down those steps! I had a hard time containing my pandemonium from the others in the room, I'm sure I received a few stares.

I thought this performance was "simply great!" I couldn't find really any faults with it. She kept it fun and sexy and it was a performance to get the show started. I will agree with Zoe's comment though (I never disagree with her!) that Siobhan could have been a bit more bold with it but I wouldn't of thought that without her mentioning it. Also, it was the first time to hear her sing a pop song and she didn't disappoint. She can sing anything for me any day!

Note to self: David Ian said Siobhan was beautiful 6 times in 20 seconds, Graham's comment was just spot on! Ewwwwwww indeed!

A few unimportant remarks here and there until Zoe comes along giving the quote "sometimes I feel that there's not quite enough going on behind the eyes, sometimes I feel she could be singing bah-bah-black sheep." Well I think she got that image from the ribbon around her neck, maybe reminding her of Little Bo Peep? Does that also mean Siobhan was a sheep herder not a goat herder? Oh dear!

Personally I thought she resembled more of Minnie Mouse without the ears. (Although the ears seemed to be more down south.....) And she just so happened to come by my favorite color, oh joy!

Check Out Moment! - Siobhan's expression after Andrew's 'gorgeous comment'. I can't unravel it exactly but you could tell she didn't like that he said it. She wanted him to mention other parts in her performance than well, the obvious. Which that one expression showed me that she was real and not superficial.

18 September 2008

Nothing But Praise!

There are a bunch of reviews of 'Can't Smile Without You' swimming around on the internet and everything's looking good for Siobhan! I thought I would put them all in one post for they are just little snippets, but snippets of happiness!

Daily Post:
Siobhan Dillon, a runner-up on How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria, is a musical theatre natural.

Liverpool Echo:
How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria’s Siobhan Dillon (Mandy) boasts a sweet but beltingly strong voice, with her second half rendition of Can’t Smile Without You, bringing deserved and rapturous applause.

Croydon Today:
Siobhan Dillon - a runner-up in TV's How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria? – is glamorous as classy American babe Mandy and has a beautiful voice to match. It's noticeable, though, that every time she's on stage with Hawkes she has to wear flat shoes!

Chester Chronicle:
As girlfriend Lucy, Jackson also had a cheeky charm but it was Dillon, as the would-be love interest, who had the glamour, confidence and great voice. She has huge promise.

For full articles -




Also an FYI, there's a lovely but unfortuately very tiny picture of Siobhan, Fran, and Chesney outside the theatre possibly at this link! Anyone who finds a bigger version gets a free internet hug from moi!


And lastly, anyone like the new picture from CSWY? Actually, I already know the answer of course!

16 September 2008

Siobhan In Maria School

This begins Siobhan's debut as "Golden Girl" and ends in the same hour. Good because I personally hated that nickname. Anybody with me?

In Maria School this is where we got to see the girl's interior, they showed us who they actually were and who they would've been if they were to get into the Top 10. Graham says that Siobhan had started to "unravel" whether it be for her inconvenient cold or just that she wasn't what they had expected. But to me, I see no difference from "Audition Siobhan" to "Maria School Siobhan." I saw the same nerves and disbelief of praise in both episodes which saddens me because of her cold, she had even less confidence in herself. She started off the show with a sample of James Blunt's "Beautiful", and Siobhan might not have believed it but it was truly beautiful! In just those 20 seconds I thought it was 10x better than Blunt's version. Not only did I realize the song should be sung by a woman but Siobhan's disbelief in herself gave the song SO MUCH more meaning. She wasn't even acting, it was all her! Plus not to mention it sounded PERFECT! Everyone in that room was silent and for good reason, they didn't want to miss out on something so angelic. It is definitely what I like to call REWIND PLEASURE!:)

Note to self: - dance class Siobhan was wearing "Abi Blue!" I think that is the color that suits her best! LOL

"MMMM......So it's quite....MMMMMM.......depressing.........MMMMMMMMMM.................to be honest!" - Another humorous quote from our girl, gotta love her!

BTW did anybody else secretly want a Maria School t-shirt to wear? No? Just me? Ok then.....

Well next up Siobhan gets through to the top 20. How amazing must that feel to get through that? I can't imagine that euphoria of hugging everyone in that room and crying on Graham's shoulder. I bet most of them were a total wreck, it is a brutal few days after all. Siobhan says "I can't believe it!" and I won't say that this quote suggests lack of confidence because I don't think anyone of those girls could!

But no time to process the thought for right away they're performing in front of Andy Pandy and his "friends". Siobhan is chosen to close the show, why is that? David's decision possibly? Well she sings "I Could Have Danced All Night" once again and I think it would have been just as good if she believed in what she was singing. Sure she did have a moment in there "I only know when he, began to dance with me" which is another rewind pleasure moment of mine! But because it was out of tune she was very disappointed with herself. You could tell by her face that she hated what she had just sang, which is one thing you do not want to show audience. "If she didn't like if herself, then why should I?" This probably was what lost her out to Emilie. I wonder if Emilie knew she wasn't very good either! Well she was good at hiding it if she did!

8 places gone, 2 left between Siobhan, Laura, and Emilie. I was a bit upset by the way they handled this. If Laura and Emilie were given a last chance to sing in front of the judges to secure a spot then why wasn't Siobhan given the same treatment. Anything could have happened if they did. If she knew the pressure was on for the last two spots, she could have pulled through with a superb "The Hills Are Alive."

But as we know she didn't sing and the film editors got their lucky big twist in the end!

Final Showdown Begins! Of course they leave Siobhan and Emilie until the end. I have to say before the crying begins, there were a lot of subtle but hilarious moments for me. Leanne getting through and then whispering to Siobhan "You got it Babe!" Emilie making eye contact with Siobhan and then suddenly this huge silly grin is pasted on her face. I still can't tell if it is fake of not. Also my favorite! Siobhan and Emilie take to center spot and camera guy has to zoom out 5 feet! LOL Good Times!

About 15 seconds later Siobhan is out and this is the point where all the tissue boxes around the country are being slowly passed around the living rooms. Not to mention Connie's big grin when finding out URGH! God I don't even know what to say to that!

When leaving, Siobhan was very upset about it but she was not surprised saying "give her the boot, you know I would if I was the director."

The thing that gets me the most was when at the very end Briony cheerfully says "That's it, they got their 10!" Siobhan's body language to me was pretty obvious, she wanted to get out of there.

Check out Maria School:

13 September 2008

Fan Photos from Opening Night

Thanks to gem for the heads up on these premiere photos taken in the Bromley Theatre in London on August 28th I believe. They all looked like they had a fabulous first night and the bouquet of flowers from Barry himself was probably the cherry on top!

12 September 2008

News Shopper Review of CSWY

The reviews just keep coming and this time with a lovely new picture! *sigh*

This is the first production photo of Siobhan in 'Can't Smile Without You' if not the only but I'm sure there will be a few more to catch in the next couple of months!

I like this review and not only because of the amazing picture but because they note Siobhan as being incredible! Anyone who does that is a friend in my book!

Siobhan Dillon's (who played Mandy) performance of the title song is also incredible. The How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria? finalist's voice is natural but extremely beautiful.

For the full article


11 September 2008

Siobhan Pictures From CSWY Rehearsals

Here are a few photos of Siobhan and Fran taken during recent rehearsals for 'Can't Smile Without You.'

A huge thank you to Sara who runs Fran's blog for letting us feature them.

Also in the third picture is Jade Steele.

10 September 2008

Any Questions For Siobhan?

Kate Stirrup from Manchester Evening News will be interviewing Miss Dillon on Friday, and she asks if anyone wants a question answered from Siobhan herself to please post it below on the link.

So if anyone has been curious about something for two years now here is your chance!


'Can't Smile Without You' Reviews

A couple of 'Can't Smile Without You' reviews have surfaced, both mentioning Siobhan a little bit.
The show itself they say could be better but it's packed with Manilow hits one after another, so if you're a fan it is definitely a must see!
Personally I would only see it because Siobhan is in it but yet again I think I am stating the obvious here!

(David says: Actually I'd be rather keen to see Fran as well!)

Both articles mention her amazing voice, but other than that not too much about our lovely lady.

From The Canterbury News:
Siobhan Dillon does have a fantastic voice and Manilow’s songs gave her a chance to show it off to its full potential.
And The Stage Review:
Blonde No 2 is Siobhan Dillon, a New York PR named Mandy, of course, who is romantically drawn towards Tony. On her stiletto heels, she has the figure and face to win any man, and a voice that carried her into the final week of BBC1’s How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria? contest, plus a Lloyd Webber record contract.
For the full articles here are the links



9 September 2008

Siobhan's Audition in HDYSAPLM?

Siobhan made her first appearance in the audition episode, being one of four of the contestants to have the most screen time. The others were Leanne, Kirsty, and Briony, although the latter two were for comedic relief more than talent. I think it would be safe to say the panel were most impressed with Siobhan's audition for keeping all of 3 and a half minutes of it into an hour long show.
She was one of 6,000 auditionees, but as it came down in that callback it seemed the other 5,999 girls had nothing on her. You could even feel the atmosphere backstage while some of the other contestants watched her on screen, they knew that Graham was absolutely right, she was 'good!'

She started by just entering the room and already David and Zoe were taken aback with how beautiful she was. It is always a good start if you impress them without actually having done anything yet. Siobhan just has those skills! Right away in the first episode one of my favorite quotes comes up, " I can't bear you go away!" Siobhan jokingly waves 'So Long, Farewell' which showed a bit of her humorous side .
She starts to sing "Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again" (one of my favorites!) It is the very first time we hear her voice and it is when I first said to myself, "Oh WOW where did that come from?" But before I realized she stopped singing, David Ian was already praising how beautiful she looked multiple times, he wouldn't stop talking long enough to notice a bit of drool cascading down his chin. While watching it, I wasn't the only one to notice. Apparently the guy that I later found out his name was Graham Norton was having a field day with this new obvious observation, and would be for the rest of the competition.

Zoe wanted to see more from her though, "just fling your arms out, just let yourself go!" This was something she had trouble with during the show, just letting go and taking more of a risk. But eventually she overcame that and in this audition she gave a 'performance' with "I Could Have Danced All Night", the song that any Siobhan fan refers to as "Siobhan's song." She sang ridiculously high and nailed the song!
I'll never forget when my mother was just about to leave the room she said "She's gonna win it!" And in a way she did win. At that point I didn't know her name, I couldn't remember what she looked like, I just knew she was that girl who was gonna win it!

Watch Siobhan's audition:

4 September 2008

Happy Belated Birthday Siobhan!

As anyone in America would know September 1st was a day off of rest and parades. As anyone in the United Kingdom SHOULD KNOW September 1st was Siobhan's birthday! LOL I hope Siobhan had an excellent 24th! And I hope it was as special as she is!

I didn't forget your birthday Siobhan, I'm just fashionably late!

Welcome from Jess

Hello all!

Firstly just to point out that this blog would not exist without me turning David into a Siobhan Fan!

He and I thought it would be a good idea to start a little something for our Maria because she was "Hot, Hot, Hot!" in every sense of John Barrowman's words and I think any fan can agree that she was the songbird in their eyes!

I can't thank David and Andy enough for everything they have done. The Rachel Tucker Appreciation Blog has been so successful it has inspired other Nancy Blogs and even attracted Rachel herself!

For this site I will be following in their footsteps. With updating the blog as best I can, starting with what brought her into the spotlight, How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria? will be covered from head to toe. Following that, her West End debut as Patty Simcox in 'Grease'. To her present production, Barry Manilow's 'Can't Smile Without You' as the beautiful Mandy.

One thing that definitely will not be a problem for me will be pictures, videos, fan art, the LOT! Andy and David can help me with the rest!

It's been almost 2 years since HDYSAPLM? ended, yet I know there are still avid fans out there devoted to our "fashion student from Stafford." They have been amazing supporters all the way through and I'm sure they will continue to be. Hopefully the site can spark more fans as the blog progresses.

So enjoy!

Siobhan In Maria