29 October 2008

Siobhan Interview in Crewe Chronicle

Siobhan Dillon - say cheese
Oct 29 2008 by Will Harris, Crewe Chronicle

From a televised hunt for a West End star, to a musical based around the songs of Barry Manilow – no wonder Siobhan Dillon is smiling from ear to ear. WILL HARRIS meets her

HOMECOMING queen Siobhan Dillon reckons she has solved a problem like a career. The Lichfield-born actress, who got a lucky break on the BBC1 talent search show How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?, returns to nearby Hanley to star in the Barry Manilow musical Can’t Smile Without You on the Regent Theatre stage next month.

Siobhon, 24, says she had always wanted to be a singer from when she was a little girl. But she since flirted with careers in art and design, fashion and photography before taking a chance in the Andrew Lloyd Webber show two years ago.

“All the way through school I wanted to be a singer. But then at A-level I looked more at art and design and found myself in fashion and photography.

“I still design now, and I think I will do that professionally at some point. I think I would still be there if I hadn’t done Maria?”

She adds: “Initially for me it was just about singing. I remember sitting watching American Idol on telly and I thought ‘I really want to do this’.”

Luck was on her side. Siobhon auditioned for Maria? but found herself fall just outside the final 10 places. However, finalist Emilie Alford dropped out, allowing her to take her place and prove her worth to reach the final three.

“One thing led to another and then I found myself in the final and wondering how I was going to do this,” she says.

“At the time I don’t think I was really prepared for the role of Maria. Connie Fisher’s a very hard act to follow – she is Maria except, of course, for Julie Andrews. I think if they asked me to replace her they would be nuts, but who knows, it could happen.”

Siobhon’s musical theatre career has already seen her star in the West End production of Grease as Patti, while she also hopes to release a solo album next year.

Her visit to the Regent, from November 17, will see her star along The One And Only hitman Chesney Hawkes, and she confesses she has a bit of a soft spot for him.

“He’s such a sweet guy and he’s really humble. I was really surprised.

“Everywhere he goes people ask him to sing that song, but he’s great with fans. People shout at him ‘are you the one and only’ and you think, ‘wow, I bet he’s never heard that before!’

“The show itself is a made-up story, not really about Barry Manilow at all, and the main character of Tony has nothing to do with Barry Manilow either. It’s a story built around a catalogue of his songs.”

And she says a visit to Staffordshire means a good excuse to catch up with all her friends and family again.

“My mum’s organised for a lot of people to come and watch me. I hope to get some time with them because I miss them so much.”

Can’t Smile Without You runs at the Regent Theatre from Monday, November 17, until Saturday, November 22. Shows start at 8pm with 2.30pm matinee performances on Wednesday and Saturday. Tickets are £10-£28, phone 0870 060 6649 or visit www.theambassadors.com/regent to book.

26 October 2008

The Journal Review

Well you can't always get what you want right? Atleast the reviewer didn't lash out at anyone specifically, just said the musical was "bad-good" or "bad-bad" I don't think they picked one in the end. Actually the whole article it seemed like the reviewer just really didn't care either way.

The acting is solid-oak-furniture wooden, and there doesn’t seem to be quite enough chemistry between the leading couple, although marginal compensation is provided by the efforts of Lauren (Francesca Jackson) who appears to be a bit more warm and emotive.

Well I'm happy for Fran with a nice comment but that just sucks for Siobhan with the "wooden" comment. I know any fan and myself would have just loved to chuck a chunk of it at the person who has called her that.

He/she did like the songs though, The show-stoppers of the night are “Can’t Smile Without You” and “Copacabana” – does Siobhan sing both of these? Well they like her voice atleast there's no denying that.

For full review:


Of course if the article didn't make you smile I thought the new fan photo might!

15 October 2008

Love You On The Floor Baby!

It was time for the second live show and Andrew wanted to see her come out of that "beautiful porcelain doll shell." And well, I knew she would, I knew she would. This happened to be the last episode I saw in England, so I do have quite a few quick memories from the night. My family would chit chat throughout the show, so it would be difficult to hear anything that could be missed easily but thankfully they did shut up when solo performances were on.

While I watched intently trying to block everything else out, my family would comment on little things like "why is that girl on the floor? Isn't that a bit sexual?" I just kept that as a mental note for later (Andrew wasn't the only one thinking bad things!) But with all that aside, I tried my hardest to watch "Chains." It was my first time hearing the song I admit, so I had nothing to compare it to, but wow was it good! Big difference from Pop Siobhan to Angst Siobhan! And yet she makes it look so easy!

I thought the beginning part was flawless. I loved every note and every expression. It was the chorus that was my least favorite. Which was well, all of 3 lines!

Some great rewind moments for me are "I never thought this could happen to me!" and "I said baby baby look at me!"

Best part though by far was "Baby look at me!" (In the background you can see John jumping excitedly in his chair after this line, ahhhhh priceless!) She was completely going for it there; she was going all out to nail this performance. And that little head swing at the end was just an added bonus!

I'll probably go out on a limb and say I think she recieved more praise for this performance than Songbird. I will also go out and say this was probably the first time John said a word three times in a row and used it as his comment. Be honored Siobhan, you were the first of many....

Check out Chains!

13 October 2008

Join Siobhan's Songbirds!

It has been just over two years now since How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria ended and there are still some avid Siobhan Dillon fans out there. With me being one of them, I thought that constructing a members list for anyone who wants to join would be a worthy idea.

It would also give me an insight of how many there actually are you!

This is just a way to get to know one another, and to share your thoughts on Maria and other topics with other Songbird members.

The link below will bring you to the Songbirds Fan Blog and on it you will come across my profile. To become a member all you have to do is send me (Jess) or David an email of all of the questions shown or as many as you like (even add your own!) You can also attach with your email, a picture of yourself to be displayed next to your information, but of course that is optional. We will then post your profile to the blog for everyone to see!


Your profile link will be on a members list towards the bottom of the page for you look at anytime.

If you need any help or have any suggestions please email us:

Jess ( jmor27@comcast.net)

David (dlar193076@aol.com)

Hope to see many! Thanks!

12 October 2008

Siobhan Interview

Great interview with Siobhan in the 'News of the World.'


10 October 2008

Siobhan's New Myspace Page!!

Check out Siobhan's lovely new Myspace page:


This lady deserves your support!

3 October 2008

Siobhan Is Ducked!

The adventurous Brian the Duck has made his way to the cast of 'Can't Smile Without You'. He likes to take pictures with the famous and next on his list was Siobhan. I do say though, what a similar pair of lips!


2 October 2008

Who Is This Helen Jones?

The What's On Stage Manchester Review for Can't Smile Without You has just recently surfaced online and I am very surprised to read the first bashing for Siobhan.

"But How Do You Solve A Problem like Maria’s Siobhan Dillon as Mandy (geddit?) doesn’t possess either the same charisma or the ability to convey any personality. She spends most of the performance looking stiff and unnatural, leaving only her face or voice to convey any character. As such, Mandy is not quite the enigmatic figure that you know from the iconic song."

As soon as I read that my thoughts right away were, "Ok if this is a guy, he is gay and only gushes for Chesney. And if this is a woman, well then she is just crazy jealous of the girl for being able to hold Chesney."

But since this is the stand out review since every one of the others give her nothing but praise we will just try to dismiss this one shall we?

I mean c'mon Helen, you might as well throw Siobhan down the stairs.


Siobhan & Chesney

It seems that Siobhan and Mr. Hawkes have as much chemistry off stage as they do when they are performing. Well apparently her and her costar have hit if off and as Siobhan puts it, "having a right laugh together now." But Chesney explains it in a slightly different and for me, humorous way, "I’m living in digs with my leading lady, Siobhan Dillon. She’s lovely and we’re friends. Kristy doesn’t have any worries or doubts about it."

Living in digs with Siobhan? What a lucky married man with three children...

For the full article:

Siobhan Dillon was seven when Chesney Hawkes rocketed to pop stardom ...

And for the Chesney article:

I think men can have female friends...

Kate Stirrup's Review

A few weeks ago I asked if anyone wanted to leave any questions for Kate to ask Siobhan when she interviewed her. Well now that interview is up online for everyone to read below, it is short and sweet but that is all we need right?