15 October 2008

Love You On The Floor Baby!

It was time for the second live show and Andrew wanted to see her come out of that "beautiful porcelain doll shell." And well, I knew she would, I knew she would. This happened to be the last episode I saw in England, so I do have quite a few quick memories from the night. My family would chit chat throughout the show, so it would be difficult to hear anything that could be missed easily but thankfully they did shut up when solo performances were on.

While I watched intently trying to block everything else out, my family would comment on little things like "why is that girl on the floor? Isn't that a bit sexual?" I just kept that as a mental note for later (Andrew wasn't the only one thinking bad things!) But with all that aside, I tried my hardest to watch "Chains." It was my first time hearing the song I admit, so I had nothing to compare it to, but wow was it good! Big difference from Pop Siobhan to Angst Siobhan! And yet she makes it look so easy!

I thought the beginning part was flawless. I loved every note and every expression. It was the chorus that was my least favorite. Which was well, all of 3 lines!

Some great rewind moments for me are "I never thought this could happen to me!" and "I said baby baby look at me!"

Best part though by far was "Baby look at me!" (In the background you can see John jumping excitedly in his chair after this line, ahhhhh priceless!) She was completely going for it there; she was going all out to nail this performance. And that little head swing at the end was just an added bonus!

I'll probably go out on a limb and say I think she recieved more praise for this performance than Songbird. I will also go out and say this was probably the first time John said a word three times in a row and used it as his comment. Be honored Siobhan, you were the first of many....

Check out Chains!

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