21 June 2010

Pics from West End Live!

There's just a few! The rest are on the flickr account which you can view here! Thanks very much to Hilary JW and f1roro for the pictures! It's very much appreciated! If anyone finds any more pictures from the event, feel free to email me!

More from West End Live!

Thanks to Leicester Square TV we've got higher quality versions of Grease's performance at West End Live! It's great to see it right up close! I'm sure it's a better experience to actually have been there, but this is good too!

Part 1

Part 2

The patty cake high fives gave me this huge grin on my face. Why so adorable Grease?

19 June 2010

Performance at West End Live!

Hopefully we will have more on this event later on but for now enjoy the recorded performance on youtube! Not bad quality either!

Awesome as usual!! Looks like a fun event! Wish I could've gone!!

18 June 2010

CSWY Songs!!

I updated the youtube account with some old vids, some new vids, and two new songs!!! There's an mp3 of Can't Smile Without You and Somewhere Down the Road and both are just outstanding. Her voice sounds so powerful! I also thought she sounded different in general but then I remembered she has an American accent in this musical, so that's why! hah! I'm so happy I have a good quality version of CSWY!! I didn't think I'd ever hear of it again!

In other news, Siobhan tweeted she's going to be on frenchmusic radio on Sunday at 11am. singing Hopelessly Devoted to You in Acapella. Never heard of Frenchmusic radio before, I might miss this one out. Oh well, I'm still so excited about the CSWY songs!!!

West End Live!!!

Siobhan and the Grease cast will be performing at the event in Leicester Square at 1:30 PM. If you can make it down there, you should definitely check it out! No doubt there might be videos that surface of the performance! Well let's pray there will be!!

14 June 2010

Outtakes and Interview!

Now we know where that luscious photo shoot came from! Siobhan is on the MOT Models website and there are a few new photos that haven't been seen before. The outtake above I really love, I want it on the front page all the time!

Check out the rest here:

MOT Models

Broadway World recently posted a mini biography of Siobhan. Usually I wouldn't care if it was just another biography but this one mentioned some interesting stuff. Her quote on her memory of the Maria show sounds like it was definitely a tough experience but if she was asked to do it again I'm sure she'd do it.

"The overall scale and grandeur of the experience. The masses that auditioned, right through to the millions that watched us. That feeling of sink or swim will always override every lasting feeling. The sense of unity between us will stay with me forever…although some girls tried to isolate themselves, it was never for too long!"

I do think HDYSAPLM was the most tense of the shows. The Marias got along well but the Nancys and Dorothies just came across as a big group of friends. The Marias just had a bit more drama. But what do I know? I wasn't there!

"I learnt a huge amount in a very short space of time, and a lot of information was thrown at us from all angles! For every song there would be intensive lessons dissecting each piece: breaking the song down into dialogue by stripping away the music, building different skills and using different singing techniques and starting from basic movement with the dance part. We had such a short preparation time for each number, we had to learn quickly how to control our nerves and be ready for any question thrown at us on live TV with millions of viewers! As well as be able to deal with any mistake or technical hitch that cropped up!"

That's a great description of everything that goes on on the show. I thought about all that goes down behind the scenes and always wondered if the questions they're asked by Graham were pre-known or if they just had to be ready for anything asked about them. With the way the girls/guys handle themselves I always thought it was the former!

"Learn everything you can. In my experience in Musical Theatre, being a competent singer is a very strong tool. That, and having a good understanding of movement and acting, obviously. It sounds straightforward, but you really do need to have these things covered. Being outstanding at all three is almost impossible, but a solid understanding is important. And experience. Even if it's in a local youth Theatre or operatics society, it all helps!"

That's good advice! I'm just hoping she's not referring to herself as a competent singer! Haha

8 June 2010

100th Post!

This is my 100th post! Only took a couple years! Hah! How shall we celebrate this? Oh yes, a lovely new headshot! It's so captivating! Siobhan also made the list of the Top 10 Hottest Woman in the West End. ............That's as much a surprise as saying you need to be able to sing to be in a musical.

I'm glad Ruthie, Aoife, and Kerry also make the list, I love them! It's funny how I know almost all of these ladies in the West End but if you asked me to name someone on Broadway I wouldn't have a clue! I guess I just find the West End more talented, or at least more interesting.

On another note, Siobhan finishes her Grease run on July 24th. So if you haven't gone to see her yet, you've got just over a month to get your butt over there!