17 December 2009

Back to the Grease Lightning days!!!

A wop ba-ba lu mop, a wop bam boom!!

Yep yep, Siobhan's heading back to Grease! This time as Sandy! In 2007, she made her West End debut as Patty Simcox and now she's returning as her first leading lady on the West End. She'll be returning on January 25th, in just over a month it's going to come quickly!

Maybe I'll be able to see her in this? It would have to be during the summer though, well fingers crossed!!

One Song Foundation Kick Off!

Seemed like the night went fantastic by the look and sound of it!! Siobhan kicked off the night with her song 'Amazing' and there's a video of her singing bits and pieces of it here:

She looked amazing as well! Love this capture!

Everything seems promising from here on out, let's hope we hear more album news soon!

16 December 2009

In Sheffield Tonight!

There's a charity concert being held right at this moment at Sheffield City Hall and Siobhan's present! Comedy genius Peter Kay is hosting his pal singer-songwriter Eliot Kennedy's concert for the night.

"The show will also feature star guests joining Eliot to sing the songs he's written for them - including members of pop chart-toppers SClub, Simon Webb from Blue, Fame Academy's Alistair Griffin, Kavana, Kenny Thomas, Scott and Abz from Five, and Lord Webber's How To Solve A Problem Like Maria finalist, Siobhan Dillon.

Siobhan, who has recorded her debut album at Eliot's city centre Steelworks Studios, will perform debut single, Amazing – which doubles as the anthem of his new One Song Foundation, which will be officially launched on the night."

And as of Siobhan's tweets it sounds like a big moment for her!

I'm sure she's doing "Amazing!" (haha it's too easy)

And if the BBC are filming it, can I watch it? Please!!!

14 December 2009

Inside the Singer's Studio!

A picture Siobhan posted on twitter of 'one of her song's in the making'! Looks like the song's got many layers to it! (ha-ha!) The sound equipment looks all terribly exciting and complicated, I can't wait for this album!

I've been thoroughly enjoying your tweets Siobhan, very funny! Keep posting!

P.S We've finally reached 10,000 hits everybody! (finally!........mostly my fault for only posting once a year!)

12 December 2009

Some old stuff

Been a bit busy with school lately haven't had time to post all these lovely reviews and such! Finally I have a day where I can sit down and blog.

Back in October, the the New Wimbledon Theatre review (i know, long time ago!)

"In one of the great female roles in musical theatre, Siobhan Dillon gives a crowd-pleasing performance as Sally, showing off a fine singing voice, just the right side of the stridency that would be misplaced in so vulnerable a woman as Fraulein Bowles. At just 25 years old, we can expect Ms Dillon to grow into the spoken timing this blackest of comedy demands, but she's not quite there yet."

The Press review from York (this time being from November)

"Still on the rise from finishing “second runner-up” in the BBC’s talent-spotting How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?, Dillon sings with drama, sensuality and passion and moves alluringly and although she could have more of a Mayfair air, she nevertheless captures the essence of her flighty, headstrong interpretation of a prickly English rose."

Another York review (like this one!)

"Bowles is expertly played by Siobhan Dillon, the second runner up from the BBC programme 'How do you solve a problem like Maria'. Her understanding of the character added an incredible complexity and emotion to her performance, stealing the show and lifting triumphantly the sombre tone of the story."

A Bristol review (I agree with one part of this!)

"Siobhan Dillon, best known as runner up in the BBC’s Maria series, was an outlandish and effervescent Sally Bowles. Unfortunately she didn’t really capture the fragilities and humanity of the character but her voice was pitch perfect, nonetheless."

Bristol 24-7

Guide 2's review of Bristol

"But then there is Dillon, who is so exquisite and has such an extraordinary voice it seems utter nonsense that her character would be the victim of a string of both sexual and professional rejections by Bradshaw and Wayne Sleep’s scene-stealing Emcee."

Gazette and Herald

"Siobhan Dillon has a versatile and powerful voice, that's never in question, but her take on Sally Bowles’ is rather more screechy housewife than sophisticated socialite"

6 December 2009

Siobhan on Twitter!

Yep it's official! You can find her under siobhandillonuk. She'll be posting news and photos from the recording studio, West End rehearsals, and some personal pics! Her tweets already are pretty amusing! Filled with the classic Home Alone and cheesecakes!

She already said she'll be in the studio today, so I'm sure we'll be getting more news soon!

If you're not on twitter yet, you have a great reason to get one now!

30 November 2009

Review of Final Night!

Thank you very much from one of the fans Bill, who in detail wrote his experience of seeing Cabaret this past year. Fans can look back on this passage to remember these great 3 months Siobhan has had! Thank you again!

As I approached the Bristol Hippodrome on Saturday evening I did so with a real mix of emotions coursing through me. Expectation is often better than realisation, but I have seen this touring presentation of "Cabaret" in 8 different cities over the last year, so I am well aware that, in this case, expectations have always been fully realised.

But this is the final show of a 15 month long tour and I have had so much pleasure from it that I can't help feeling a real tinge of sadness that the final curtain is soon to fall.

Every member of the cast of this great show has been really good, they are seasoned and highly talented professionals who have spared no effort in entertaining audiences all over the country. So I can imagine that when Siobhan Dillon took over the role of Sally Bowles in September she would have done so with trepidation. After all she was relatively inexperienced and this demanding role has been played over many years by a string of the world's most highly talented performers. Comparisons are inevitable and she had little time to rehearse so full marks to Bill Kenwright for backing his confidence that Siobhan could step up and take on this high profile role. A lot of people would have felt that Sally Bowles was a bit of a stretch for a girl who seemed more like Julie Andrews when she narrowly failed to get the part of Maria in the Sound Of Music. I was very disappointed when she didn't win, I thought she was the outstanding contestant and she certainly got my vote.

I first saw Siobhan play Sally Bowles at New Brighton and with her new short dark hair for the role she was quite transformed and she got right into the saucy irresponsible pleasure-seeker that is the teenage English 1930's vamp, Miss Sally Bowles. She performed with a gusto and confidence that was most realistic and her singing was tremendous. I did think there were some areas of performance which needed practice and polishing but I was delighted with the way she had taken on the role. By the time I saw her in Derby she had built up her performance really well and the cast got standing ovations that night. I have commented previously about Siobhan's brilliant performance at Wimbledon where I thought she absolutely nailed this very difficult and demanding role. She did it again in York and here we are,sadly, at the final show.

The Hippodrome is a large 3 tier old theatre and it was pleasing to see that a big audience had assembled for the show. Right from the start they were warm and enthusiastic and their applause was swift and loud for all the cast.

Wayne Sleep has played Emcee with great success at various times over the years and tonight he is pulling out all his many stops and delighting the audience with witty asides and gestures, great entertainment. Every cast member seemed to be giving it their all and the entire performance from them was just brilliant. I have to give special mention to Jenny Logan as Fraulein Schneider and Matt Zimmerman as Herr Schultz, their sincerity, warmth and skill was only matched by the great partnership they have built up in this show,true professional.

And so to Siobhan Dillon in her last performance as Sally Bowles. She acted and sang her heart out and gave everything in a truly memorable performance. Cabaret and Maybe This Time have never been performed better and her audience responded with huge rounds of applause which were richly deserved. There was such passion and emotion from Siobhan and she has a talent and ability that is usually only seen in mature performers, she is quite exceptional for one so young. Her future is surely a bright one indeed.

At the end the audience gave the cast a number of standing ovations before Wayne Sleep made an excellent spoken response on behalf of the cast. By this time the cast, including Siobhan, were in tears and it was a moment and a scenario I will never forget. I felt exhausted too and I was only watching, thank you to them all for a wonderful tour finale.

Oh, and by the way, Expectation became Acclamation on this superb night.

29 November 2009

Children in Need

While Siobhan was on tour in York, she took part in a Children in Need event at York Station to raise money. Fellow costars Wayne Sleep and Henry Luxemburg were also present during the event. Siobhan sang her rendition of "Maybe This Time" outstandingly! I love her pause after "Maybe this time i'll" and her "let's face it" look right after. The moment just feels so real and pure. So does her "win" at the end, it's just so pure! I've said it countless times, her voice is just too beautiful!

Check out the video they have on the website! They have highlights of her performance!!


28 November 2009

Last Night!

Tonight was Siobhan's last night as Sally Bowles in Cabaret. It must of been an emotional night in Bristol for Siobhan. I've heard she's doing a couple weeks of the show in Dublin but it's not on the official website so I can't say that's a 100% true. I'll take this as being her final night or well at least her final night in England playing Sally.

One of our fans will be reviewing the final night, which I appreciate very much! It's nice to have the final night in writing!

24 November 2009

Preview to AMAZING!

It's been over three years and today we've finally got a preview, and just WOW! Her voice sounds so beautiful recorded!! The song is titled 'Amazing' and it's going to be the first song to kick off the One Song Foundation. The proceeds will go to the fund and will support projects that address sincere issues in the communities.

Check out the preview by clicking on the world off to the right hand side. I've listened to it at least 20 times already, I'm soooo excited to get it, I can't wait!! I can't even try to describe how much I need Siobhan on my ipod, it's ridiculous!!

This is the final week of Cabaret for Siobhan, plenty more updates to come this week!!

Worcester News Review

Another review of praise for Siobhan as well for the rest of the cast!

"Siobhan Dillon, who starred in the BBC series How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria, was an exasperating but irresistible Sally; an oddball English girl whose self destructive streak was barely hidden behind her showgirl confidence."

‘Maria was my stepping stone’

As Cabaret comes to York, Steve Pratt speaks to leading actress Siobhan Dillon, whose

career has seen her swap a dirndl for suspenders.

‘IF I said I didn’t like it, I’d be lying,” says Siobhan Dillon when mention is made of her

sexily scanty costumes in the stage musical Cabaret.

“The majority of them are very skimpy, but it’s quite a liberating feeling going on stage in

stockings and suspenders,”she says.

Perhaps the name Siobhan Dillon doesn’t ring a bell, but you might remember her if I tell

you she was one of the Marias in the BBC-TV talent show to cast the leading role in a

revival of The Sound Of Music.

She didn’t win but, in common with several other unsuccessful Marias, has had her stage

career boosted by the exposure that a hit Saturday night TV show can bring a performer.

She’s appeared on the West End stage in the musical Grease and toured, to Darlington

among other places, in the Barry Manilow musical Can’t Smile Without You.

Now she’s doing three months on tour in Cabaret, opposite Wayne Sleep as the Emcee.

She readily admits that she’s not the first person most people would think of when casting

the role of Sally, whose raunchy look couldn’t be more different to the nun’s habit of

Maria in The Sound Of Music. Liza Minnelli, I don’t need to remind anyone, played the

part in the film of Cabaret and won an Oscar for her efforts.

“It’s just so unlike any part I’ve done before and really is so complex,”

says Dillon. “Strangely, I’m loving every second of it and hopefully have made the part my own.”

“The songs really made it a challenge for me because they’re not what I would normally

sing. The style of singing is streets away from my solo album, but I love a challenge,”

she explains.

Can it really be three years since How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria? Well it is, and

a string of stage roles means her debut album has been pushed on to the back burner

several times. “Whenever somebody says, ‘would you like to audition for this?’, the album

gets put on hold for three months,” she says.

Cabaret, which brings her to York Grand Opera House this month, is only on the road a

short time, but Siobhan is not sure she’d want to tour again. “You’re living out of a

suitcase and I’m a bit of a home girl and like being in my own bed. I find it emotionally

not very constructive to be away,” she says.

She quit her fashion school course to take part in the Maria contest when she was 21,

only making the final ten after one of the finalists dropped out at the last minute. It

earned her the nickname Second Chance Maria.

She has no regrets about entering – “not in a million years” – even though she didn’t win,

coming third.

“It gave me a platform to be able to do what I’m doing now. And I’m glad I’m not

typecast, doing everything from Grease to Cabaret and no one bats an eyelid.

“I loved every second of that programme.

It gave me exposure and the facility to meet different people in the industry. You can’t

buy that, just knowing all those people, casting directors and directors who’ve seen me on

the show. The name is enough to get me into the audition room.”

Link Here:

Northern Echo

4 November 2009

Half and Half

A bit of praise and a bit of criticism in these next couple reviews, nothing too disheartening though. I see more praise in both of them.

From Broadwayworld:

"In one of the great female roles in musical theatre, Siobhan Dillon gives a crowd-pleasing performance as Sally, showing off a fine singing voice, just the right side of the stridency that would be misplaced in so vulnerable a woman as Fraulein Bowles. At just 25 years old, we can expect Ms Dillon to grow into the spoken timing this blackest of comedy demands, but she's not quite there yet."

From IndieLondon:

"Siobhan Dillon almost gets away with Sally Bowles and, in fact, succeeded in showing her vulnerability better than her brashness. I felt she was a little insecure in the role as her performance improved noticeably as the evening matured and I think Bowles is in her if only she would let her out."

Looks like this is the last month for Siobhan in Cabaret, her last date is November, 28th in Bristol. Then I believe from I've heard she'll be performing in Dublin for a couple weeks! So book tickets soon!

21 October 2009

Trailer of Cabaret!

The official uploaded another video of the production onto youtube today, check it out looks pretty brilliant!

Her eye-makeup kinda creeps me out in one part, not that that has any importance! But gosh!! The Cabaret scene looks likes she's giving it more than her all!!

15 October 2009

Siobhan's Doing a Workshop!

That's right, Siobhan's doing a workshop for musical theatre with low and behold her Maria pal Leanne Dobinson! Oh it's a Maria reunion! Love it!

She'll be doing West End Workshops on Tuesday, October 27th and Wednesday, October 28th at the Performing Arts Center, Esher High School.

"Your session starts with a warm up, then a West End tutor will teach you a famous number from a West End show. There is an opportunity to invite your family to see your ‘star’ performance, followed by a question and answer session."

Sounds pretty exciting to me, if any of you are interested here's the link

A couple other bits for you...

A review from Gay Community News

"At the beginning of the show, Sally gets fired from the Kit Kat Club, which means that she and Emcee never get to sing together, as they did in the movie. This is a big pity, since the powerhouse vocals of Siobhan Dillon are the glue that hold this production together and pairing her with Sleep would have provided her with much-needed comic relief."

"Her three recognisable numbers, 'Mein Herr', 'Maybe This Time' and 'Cabaret' are showstoppers in the best traditional sense of the word, the first coreographed in constant motion on a moving staircase, making good use of the talented, buffed-up chorus. Dillon plays Sally as a woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown at all times, a desperate, frenetic thing who never stops moving and wants to be anywhere but where she is. She's heading into a life of obscurity as Clifford's wife and mother of his child, rather than that of a star, which is where her heart defiantly is."

"Sally sings 'Cabaret' just before heading off to have an abortion, effectively putting an end to her affair with Clifford, and Dillon's brilliant delivery veres from a heartbreaking, broken and frightened wail to a bold, sassy statement of empowerment in the face of dark forces. She certainly makes the part her own; Liza doesn't get a look-in with this Sally."

And one from the California Chronicle

"If Siobhan Dillon's Sally Bowles lacks Liza Minelli's sardonic edge, she more than makes up for it with her powerful singing voice, no more so than in Maybe This Time."

11 October 2009

More Reviews!

Just a bunch of little bits for you, all positive about the show, the actors, and the sets. Love the bits when they mention Siobhan though, soooo.....

"She sings well and looks suitably fragile, bright and innocent (although naughty on the Kit Kat stage)"

Liverpool Daily

"Andrew Lloyd Webber prodigy Siobhan Dillon plays the English teenager, showing a flirtatious, innocent and delirious nature within Sally."

"Dillon shines as Sally when singing Kander and Ebb’s title song or iconic ‘Mein Herr’, whilst surrounded by her semi-naked cabaret girls and boys, whose choreographed moves by Javier De Frutos are outstanding from number to number."

What's on Stage

My favorite bit, I completely agree with it!

"Dillion oozes sexiness and has a very powerful voice"

"If there is one reason to see this production then it has to be for Siobhan Dillon who is sensational as she belts tunes with real feeling and emotion, a performance that is so mesmorising it draws you in."

Public Reviews

2 October 2009

Pic from Birmingham Artfest!

Picture was taken by Tim Ellis. I just love the moment he captured, absolutely stunning!

28 September 2009

A Gem!

Just a little mention in Burton Mail

"Dillon has recently taken over the role of Bowles and proves to be a gem among the stellar cast"

Just a few piccies for the night! Stay tuned for more!

22 September 2009

New Cabaret Video

Bill Kenwright's Official Cabaret website has updated with a new video interview of Siobhan getting ready for a promotional photoshoot! It's great to see her on camera again, last time that happened was the Christmas special from 2007? Where the time went I have no idea!

New Video

Will have screencaptures up soon!

Also above is a fan photo from Rachel with Siobhan after a night of Cabaret.

21 September 2009

NEW Cabaret Pictures!!

Bill Kenwright's official website for Cabaret has updated with new pictures and a new video of Siobhan! Both are brilliant to see, wish the pics were a bit bigger but hey, not complaining! Will have the video up in a bit, for now just check out these great shots!!

4, 6, and 10 are pretty fierce! Love the craze in her eyes in 8 and 9 tears my heart apart!

Blurb from Sunday Mercury

Just a mention from Sunday Mercury for Cabaret. Everything positive, with a comment that needs to be highlighted for it's brilliance!

It’s 1930s Berlin – and the city folk are having a ball.

Hyper-inflation following Germany’s defeat in World War I has rendered their savings worthless, so they just want to spend, spend, spend.

The Weimar Republic has abolished all censorship so there’s no closing hours, and you can say and print what you like.
All sense of morality has gone out the window.

And everyone is hell-bent on seizing the day by revelling in the wealth of cabaret bars, revue bars and experimental theatre that has sprung up.

The Rep’s production of the celebrated musical Cabaret re-enacts the spirit of these times with relish.
It’s a fast and furious show, with a teasing touch of saucy humour.

The scantily-clad cast reels around the stage in stockings and suspenders, or just flash their bare bottoms, in several scenes while dancing and singing is played out.

Wayne Sleep shows off his fancy footwork and versatility as a dancer – despite his elder years (he’s 61) – and engages wonderfully with the audience who are delighted to welcome his banter.

Lichfield lass, and former star of TV talent show How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria, Siobhan Dillon proves a striking, yet vulnerable, Sally Bowles.

Her performance was powerful. And her hair, not a central part of the show, so shiny.

It’s a shame the evil Nazis had to break up the party. The show provides a stark reminder of the horrid fate that befell the heady Berliners.

Can't help but laugh out loud on that one! Link below:

18 September 2009

Saving the World with Hot Pants!

Sep 18 2009

WHILE the New Seekers wanted to teach the world to sing, Siobhan Dillon wants to save it – one song at a time.

It’s an ambition the 25-year-old hopes to achieve through a new charity she’s setting up with record producer friend Eliot Kennedy.

But in the meantime, the How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria? finalist is on tour bringing a taste of seedy 1930s Berlin to UK audiences as saucy Sally Bowles in Cabaret.

Fishnets and basques are a long way from Maria von Trapp, but then Siobhan has come a long way since the 2006 TV competition.

First was a stint in Grease, and last year she toured with Chesney Hawkes in Can’t Smile Without You. Now it’s Ebb and Kander’s Cabaret.

“I’d never done Cabaret before so I had to learn it from scratch,” she admits.

“It means I don’t have any preconceived ideas of how it should be done. I saw the show in the West End a couple of years ago but I didn’t really remember how they did it.

“I learned the script and songs in a week and they set and choreographed it in a week. I think I was in denial for the majority of it!”

Of course, rather like Julie Andrews and The Sound of Music, Cabaret will always be inextricably linked with Liza Minelli.

“I saw the film a few years ago, it’s one of my mum’s favourites, and you get mesmerised by Liza Minelli and can’t help but watch her body language and the way she moves around the stage,” says Siobhan.

“She’s awesome, iconic.

“But people say to me you have to remember that to give the role life and energy you have to live it through yourself. It has a facet of Siobhan as well.”

Surprisingly, it was the rather risque costume which helped her find her inner Sally.

“The first day I put it on, I walked across the stage when all the cast were there and they were cheering me on,” she smiles.

“It’s a little pair of hotpants and a bra top.

“I thought I’d feel self-conscious, but by the time I got into character I was strutting around. I was in a Sally Bowles frame of mind!”

Siobhan was co-writing songs for a new album when Bill Kenwright asked if she’d like to audition for Cabaret.

“I’ve always been a bit of a melody queen,” she reveals. “I’ve always got ideas about melodies and harmonies and musical bits and pieces.

“Now I’m really getting into it, I could write a song with music and lyrics alone if I had to. My producer has given me that confidence.

“If I did write a musical it would be along the lines of Moulin Rouge. It’s incredible, I love it.”

Then there’s the idea of using music to raise money for good causes.

“Eliot kept saying what can we do that can help change the world?” she says. “You know, those half-drunk conversations! And this is a fantastic opportunity for charity, not just in the UK but worldwide.

“The idea is artists will donate a song to the charity and you become a shareholder when you buy the song online.

“Then you can vote for the charity you think is the most in need and the one with the most votes gets a donation. It’s called Save The World One Song At A Time.”

It’s a happy thought.

Cabaret comes to the New Brighton Floral Pavilion from October 5-10.