11 October 2009

More Reviews!

Just a bunch of little bits for you, all positive about the show, the actors, and the sets. Love the bits when they mention Siobhan though, soooo.....

"She sings well and looks suitably fragile, bright and innocent (although naughty on the Kit Kat stage)"

Liverpool Daily

"Andrew Lloyd Webber prodigy Siobhan Dillon plays the English teenager, showing a flirtatious, innocent and delirious nature within Sally."

"Dillon shines as Sally when singing Kander and Ebb’s title song or iconic ‘Mein Herr’, whilst surrounded by her semi-naked cabaret girls and boys, whose choreographed moves by Javier De Frutos are outstanding from number to number."

What's on Stage

My favorite bit, I completely agree with it!

"Dillion oozes sexiness and has a very powerful voice"

"If there is one reason to see this production then it has to be for Siobhan Dillon who is sensational as she belts tunes with real feeling and emotion, a performance that is so mesmorising it draws you in."

Public Reviews

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David said...

Excellent comments -- I'm wondering if previous Sally Bowles recieved this much praise?