25 March 2010

Performance of Amazing

The One Song Foundation has added Siobhan's performance of her first single 'Amazing'. Her singing is absolutely stellar! At first I thought it was just the track dubbed over the the video but later in the video I realized it really was her singing live. That goes to show just how good she sounds live!

Have a watch!

13 March 2010

Message from Siobhan!

Hey Guys and Girls... Thank you so much for all your support, I really do appreciate it. I have been working very very hard over the last few months on my album and obviously in the West End too! One of the things that really keep me motivated is that you guys are so supportive. In emails, msg's and in letters I receive at the theatre... Every thought makes me smile and it's just fantastic to hear all your thoughts and comments... These songs you're hearing on my Myspace page are maybe going on the album... They're work in progress and I want to get as many people's comments as possible either on the page itself or Facebook as I know most of you contact me through that. Add me as your friend and tell me which one's your favourite!!!!!
Thanks again everyone! xxxxxxxxxxxx
Siobhan x

Here's her official myspace page you can listen to her new songs and show your support by commenting on what you think!

Also if you want to join Siobhan's mailing list to get updates right away on her album just go to her Reverbnation page here:

Become a fan while your at it to show your support!! :)

12 March 2010


Cool transformation yeah? That's some fringe too! Woah! If you're not already following Siobhan on twitter you should do so like right now.

7 March 2010

A new youtube account!

I finally made a youtube account just for Siobhan videos! Been thinking about it for awhile to get my act together and update this site, I thought a youtube account would be a good start! I uploaded the Cabaret trailer and photoshoot, the Children in Need performance, the One Song Foundation kickoff video, and Siobhan's interview with Elaine Paige on BBC Radio.

I'll update soon with some more stuff later! Stay tuned!

6 March 2010

More Pics from the One Song Foundation

Just some stuff I've never posted! I know there's a lot of stuff I've forgotten to post over the months (don't kill me!)

5 March 2010

4 New Songs!! Including 'Amazing'!

Siobhan posted on facebook yesterday her new myspace which includes a few songs from her album! The songs include her first single 'Amazing', a cover of Bird York's 'In the Deep', and two new songs 'It Hurts' and 'Burnt'. Go check out the songs now here!

I love all the songs!! I like 'Amazing' a lot more now hearing more than just the chorus. Or maybe it was just being able to hear the entire song this time! Haha "In the Deep" is one of my favorite songs soooo hearing Siobhan sing it, well you know! Ahhh she sang it so beautifully, just as beautiful as the original! I wouldn't want that song changed too much so I was really happy with it. 'It Hurts' was great too, reminding me of Shania Twain a bit! 'Burnt' was my favorite though. Not sure what it is about it that makes it stand out from the others. All I can say is it's a new sound? It's refreshing, I've never heard anything like it before. It's beautiful and really touching. She's also gets to show off her voice a bit which is always a good bonus!

Sorry I haven't posted Siobhan on Radio 2 yet or when she appeared on ITV Breakfast, will do soon!