23 September 2008

It's Siobhan! Look!

Continuing in our Maria reviews is Siobhan's first live performance "Man! I Feel Like A Woman". I have a clear memory of watching this episode because I had missed the 2nd show and was crossing my fingers and toes to see her in the opening number. But when I didn't catch of glimpse of honey golden hair I was getting worried. Having questions in my mind like "How the hell did she NOT get through?" But I counted 9 girls, not 10, and still had those toes crossed!

Luckily enough, halfway through, that "bugger off girl" dropped out and guess who was strutting down those steps! I had a hard time containing my pandemonium from the others in the room, I'm sure I received a few stares.

I thought this performance was "simply great!" I couldn't find really any faults with it. She kept it fun and sexy and it was a performance to get the show started. I will agree with Zoe's comment though (I never disagree with her!) that Siobhan could have been a bit more bold with it but I wouldn't of thought that without her mentioning it. Also, it was the first time to hear her sing a pop song and she didn't disappoint. She can sing anything for me any day!

Note to self: David Ian said Siobhan was beautiful 6 times in 20 seconds, Graham's comment was just spot on! Ewwwwwww indeed!

A few unimportant remarks here and there until Zoe comes along giving the quote "sometimes I feel that there's not quite enough going on behind the eyes, sometimes I feel she could be singing bah-bah-black sheep." Well I think she got that image from the ribbon around her neck, maybe reminding her of Little Bo Peep? Does that also mean Siobhan was a sheep herder not a goat herder? Oh dear!

Personally I thought she resembled more of Minnie Mouse without the ears. (Although the ears seemed to be more down south.....) And she just so happened to come by my favorite color, oh joy!

Check Out Moment! - Siobhan's expression after Andrew's 'gorgeous comment'. I can't unravel it exactly but you could tell she didn't like that he said it. She wanted him to mention other parts in her performance than well, the obvious. Which that one expression showed me that she was real and not superficial.

18 September 2008

Nothing But Praise!

There are a bunch of reviews of 'Can't Smile Without You' swimming around on the internet and everything's looking good for Siobhan! I thought I would put them all in one post for they are just little snippets, but snippets of happiness!

Daily Post:
Siobhan Dillon, a runner-up on How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria, is a musical theatre natural.

Liverpool Echo:
How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria’s Siobhan Dillon (Mandy) boasts a sweet but beltingly strong voice, with her second half rendition of Can’t Smile Without You, bringing deserved and rapturous applause.

Croydon Today:
Siobhan Dillon - a runner-up in TV's How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria? – is glamorous as classy American babe Mandy and has a beautiful voice to match. It's noticeable, though, that every time she's on stage with Hawkes she has to wear flat shoes!

Chester Chronicle:
As girlfriend Lucy, Jackson also had a cheeky charm but it was Dillon, as the would-be love interest, who had the glamour, confidence and great voice. She has huge promise.

For full articles -




Also an FYI, there's a lovely but unfortuately very tiny picture of Siobhan, Fran, and Chesney outside the theatre possibly at this link! Anyone who finds a bigger version gets a free internet hug from moi!


And lastly, anyone like the new picture from CSWY? Actually, I already know the answer of course!

16 September 2008

Siobhan In Maria School

This begins Siobhan's debut as "Golden Girl" and ends in the same hour. Good because I personally hated that nickname. Anybody with me?

In Maria School this is where we got to see the girl's interior, they showed us who they actually were and who they would've been if they were to get into the Top 10. Graham says that Siobhan had started to "unravel" whether it be for her inconvenient cold or just that she wasn't what they had expected. But to me, I see no difference from "Audition Siobhan" to "Maria School Siobhan." I saw the same nerves and disbelief of praise in both episodes which saddens me because of her cold, she had even less confidence in herself. She started off the show with a sample of James Blunt's "Beautiful", and Siobhan might not have believed it but it was truly beautiful! In just those 20 seconds I thought it was 10x better than Blunt's version. Not only did I realize the song should be sung by a woman but Siobhan's disbelief in herself gave the song SO MUCH more meaning. She wasn't even acting, it was all her! Plus not to mention it sounded PERFECT! Everyone in that room was silent and for good reason, they didn't want to miss out on something so angelic. It is definitely what I like to call REWIND PLEASURE!:)

Note to self: - dance class Siobhan was wearing "Abi Blue!" I think that is the color that suits her best! LOL

"MMMM......So it's quite....MMMMMM.......depressing.........MMMMMMMMMM.................to be honest!" - Another humorous quote from our girl, gotta love her!

BTW did anybody else secretly want a Maria School t-shirt to wear? No? Just me? Ok then.....

Well next up Siobhan gets through to the top 20. How amazing must that feel to get through that? I can't imagine that euphoria of hugging everyone in that room and crying on Graham's shoulder. I bet most of them were a total wreck, it is a brutal few days after all. Siobhan says "I can't believe it!" and I won't say that this quote suggests lack of confidence because I don't think anyone of those girls could!

But no time to process the thought for right away they're performing in front of Andy Pandy and his "friends". Siobhan is chosen to close the show, why is that? David's decision possibly? Well she sings "I Could Have Danced All Night" once again and I think it would have been just as good if she believed in what she was singing. Sure she did have a moment in there "I only know when he, began to dance with me" which is another rewind pleasure moment of mine! But because it was out of tune she was very disappointed with herself. You could tell by her face that she hated what she had just sang, which is one thing you do not want to show audience. "If she didn't like if herself, then why should I?" This probably was what lost her out to Emilie. I wonder if Emilie knew she wasn't very good either! Well she was good at hiding it if she did!

8 places gone, 2 left between Siobhan, Laura, and Emilie. I was a bit upset by the way they handled this. If Laura and Emilie were given a last chance to sing in front of the judges to secure a spot then why wasn't Siobhan given the same treatment. Anything could have happened if they did. If she knew the pressure was on for the last two spots, she could have pulled through with a superb "The Hills Are Alive."

But as we know she didn't sing and the film editors got their lucky big twist in the end!

Final Showdown Begins! Of course they leave Siobhan and Emilie until the end. I have to say before the crying begins, there were a lot of subtle but hilarious moments for me. Leanne getting through and then whispering to Siobhan "You got it Babe!" Emilie making eye contact with Siobhan and then suddenly this huge silly grin is pasted on her face. I still can't tell if it is fake of not. Also my favorite! Siobhan and Emilie take to center spot and camera guy has to zoom out 5 feet! LOL Good Times!

About 15 seconds later Siobhan is out and this is the point where all the tissue boxes around the country are being slowly passed around the living rooms. Not to mention Connie's big grin when finding out URGH! God I don't even know what to say to that!

When leaving, Siobhan was very upset about it but she was not surprised saying "give her the boot, you know I would if I was the director."

The thing that gets me the most was when at the very end Briony cheerfully says "That's it, they got their 10!" Siobhan's body language to me was pretty obvious, she wanted to get out of there.

Check out Maria School:

13 September 2008

Fan Photos from Opening Night

Thanks to gem for the heads up on these premiere photos taken in the Bromley Theatre in London on August 28th I believe. They all looked like they had a fabulous first night and the bouquet of flowers from Barry himself was probably the cherry on top!

12 September 2008

News Shopper Review of CSWY

The reviews just keep coming and this time with a lovely new picture! *sigh*

This is the first production photo of Siobhan in 'Can't Smile Without You' if not the only but I'm sure there will be a few more to catch in the next couple of months!

I like this review and not only because of the amazing picture but because they note Siobhan as being incredible! Anyone who does that is a friend in my book!

Siobhan Dillon's (who played Mandy) performance of the title song is also incredible. The How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria? finalist's voice is natural but extremely beautiful.

For the full article


11 September 2008

Siobhan Pictures From CSWY Rehearsals

Here are a few photos of Siobhan and Fran taken during recent rehearsals for 'Can't Smile Without You.'

A huge thank you to Sara who runs Fran's blog for letting us feature them.

Also in the third picture is Jade Steele.

10 September 2008

Any Questions For Siobhan?

Kate Stirrup from Manchester Evening News will be interviewing Miss Dillon on Friday, and she asks if anyone wants a question answered from Siobhan herself to please post it below on the link.

So if anyone has been curious about something for two years now here is your chance!


'Can't Smile Without You' Reviews

A couple of 'Can't Smile Without You' reviews have surfaced, both mentioning Siobhan a little bit.
The show itself they say could be better but it's packed with Manilow hits one after another, so if you're a fan it is definitely a must see!
Personally I would only see it because Siobhan is in it but yet again I think I am stating the obvious here!

(David says: Actually I'd be rather keen to see Fran as well!)

Both articles mention her amazing voice, but other than that not too much about our lovely lady.

From The Canterbury News:
Siobhan Dillon does have a fantastic voice and Manilow’s songs gave her a chance to show it off to its full potential.
And The Stage Review:
Blonde No 2 is Siobhan Dillon, a New York PR named Mandy, of course, who is romantically drawn towards Tony. On her stiletto heels, she has the figure and face to win any man, and a voice that carried her into the final week of BBC1’s How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria? contest, plus a Lloyd Webber record contract.
For the full articles here are the links



9 September 2008

Siobhan's Audition in HDYSAPLM?

Siobhan made her first appearance in the audition episode, being one of four of the contestants to have the most screen time. The others were Leanne, Kirsty, and Briony, although the latter two were for comedic relief more than talent. I think it would be safe to say the panel were most impressed with Siobhan's audition for keeping all of 3 and a half minutes of it into an hour long show.
She was one of 6,000 auditionees, but as it came down in that callback it seemed the other 5,999 girls had nothing on her. You could even feel the atmosphere backstage while some of the other contestants watched her on screen, they knew that Graham was absolutely right, she was 'good!'

She started by just entering the room and already David and Zoe were taken aback with how beautiful she was. It is always a good start if you impress them without actually having done anything yet. Siobhan just has those skills! Right away in the first episode one of my favorite quotes comes up, " I can't bear you go away!" Siobhan jokingly waves 'So Long, Farewell' which showed a bit of her humorous side .
She starts to sing "Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again" (one of my favorites!) It is the very first time we hear her voice and it is when I first said to myself, "Oh WOW where did that come from?" But before I realized she stopped singing, David Ian was already praising how beautiful she looked multiple times, he wouldn't stop talking long enough to notice a bit of drool cascading down his chin. While watching it, I wasn't the only one to notice. Apparently the guy that I later found out his name was Graham Norton was having a field day with this new obvious observation, and would be for the rest of the competition.

Zoe wanted to see more from her though, "just fling your arms out, just let yourself go!" This was something she had trouble with during the show, just letting go and taking more of a risk. But eventually she overcame that and in this audition she gave a 'performance' with "I Could Have Danced All Night", the song that any Siobhan fan refers to as "Siobhan's song." She sang ridiculously high and nailed the song!
I'll never forget when my mother was just about to leave the room she said "She's gonna win it!" And in a way she did win. At that point I didn't know her name, I couldn't remember what she looked like, I just knew she was that girl who was gonna win it!

Watch Siobhan's audition:

4 September 2008

Happy Belated Birthday Siobhan!

As anyone in America would know September 1st was a day off of rest and parades. As anyone in the United Kingdom SHOULD KNOW September 1st was Siobhan's birthday! LOL I hope Siobhan had an excellent 24th! And I hope it was as special as she is!

I didn't forget your birthday Siobhan, I'm just fashionably late!

Welcome from Jess

Hello all!

Firstly just to point out that this blog would not exist without me turning David into a Siobhan Fan!

He and I thought it would be a good idea to start a little something for our Maria because she was "Hot, Hot, Hot!" in every sense of John Barrowman's words and I think any fan can agree that she was the songbird in their eyes!

I can't thank David and Andy enough for everything they have done. The Rachel Tucker Appreciation Blog has been so successful it has inspired other Nancy Blogs and even attracted Rachel herself!

For this site I will be following in their footsteps. With updating the blog as best I can, starting with what brought her into the spotlight, How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria? will be covered from head to toe. Following that, her West End debut as Patty Simcox in 'Grease'. To her present production, Barry Manilow's 'Can't Smile Without You' as the beautiful Mandy.

One thing that definitely will not be a problem for me will be pictures, videos, fan art, the LOT! Andy and David can help me with the rest!

It's been almost 2 years since HDYSAPLM? ended, yet I know there are still avid fans out there devoted to our "fashion student from Stafford." They have been amazing supporters all the way through and I'm sure they will continue to be. Hopefully the site can spark more fans as the blog progresses.

So enjoy!

Siobhan In Maria

3 September 2008


Welcome to our blog for the lovely Siobhan!

The aim of our site is to provide an information and news resource for Siobhan's many fans.

We'll be chronicling her time on Maria, as well as 'Grease' and of course 'Can't Smile Without You.'

Please bear with us as we add new content over the next few days.