9 September 2008

Siobhan's Audition in HDYSAPLM?

Siobhan made her first appearance in the audition episode, being one of four of the contestants to have the most screen time. The others were Leanne, Kirsty, and Briony, although the latter two were for comedic relief more than talent. I think it would be safe to say the panel were most impressed with Siobhan's audition for keeping all of 3 and a half minutes of it into an hour long show.
She was one of 6,000 auditionees, but as it came down in that callback it seemed the other 5,999 girls had nothing on her. You could even feel the atmosphere backstage while some of the other contestants watched her on screen, they knew that Graham was absolutely right, she was 'good!'

She started by just entering the room and already David and Zoe were taken aback with how beautiful she was. It is always a good start if you impress them without actually having done anything yet. Siobhan just has those skills! Right away in the first episode one of my favorite quotes comes up, " I can't bear you go away!" Siobhan jokingly waves 'So Long, Farewell' which showed a bit of her humorous side .
She starts to sing "Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again" (one of my favorites!) It is the very first time we hear her voice and it is when I first said to myself, "Oh WOW where did that come from?" But before I realized she stopped singing, David Ian was already praising how beautiful she looked multiple times, he wouldn't stop talking long enough to notice a bit of drool cascading down his chin. While watching it, I wasn't the only one to notice. Apparently the guy that I later found out his name was Graham Norton was having a field day with this new obvious observation, and would be for the rest of the competition.

Zoe wanted to see more from her though, "just fling your arms out, just let yourself go!" This was something she had trouble with during the show, just letting go and taking more of a risk. But eventually she overcame that and in this audition she gave a 'performance' with "I Could Have Danced All Night", the song that any Siobhan fan refers to as "Siobhan's song." She sang ridiculously high and nailed the song!
I'll never forget when my mother was just about to leave the room she said "She's gonna win it!" And in a way she did win. At that point I didn't know her name, I couldn't remember what she looked like, I just knew she was that girl who was gonna win it!

Watch Siobhan's audition:


MissiCharli said...

I loved this. I saw Siobhan in Lichfield (where she lives!) because I live in Sutton which is right by Lichfield and she was getting a jacket potato! I was going to get her autograph but I didn't. I'm sad that I didn't now! :'(

Anonymous said...

missicharli you are very lucky! lol she might have gotten potato all over the autograph though! haha