26 April 2010

Grease Promotional Pics

Haha Pants!! I don't hear that enough. Sounds like it wasn't her night ahh well here's some pictures of the production when it is!

Also an extra pic of when Siobhan guest starred with Noel Sullivan on Elaine Paige's radio show. Sorry for the hiatus, schoolwork mixed with Andrew Lloyd Webber's new reality show keeps me lazy and occupied!! Be back soon!

7 April 2010

Preview to Songbird!!!

Guess what's here?? That's right!!! Listen to it right now, it's b-e-a-utiful!!!

5 April 2010

WE Story Siobhan Clips!

If you missed West End Story that premiered earlier today or don't live in the UK and want to see it, it's available under name MissAVuk.

Siobhan's segment was in Part 5 and 6 and of course she was lovely as always. We get a short clip of her singing Songbird in the studio! Sounds good to me!! Check it out!

Her segment starts around 6:30! Enjoy!

4 April 2010

West End Story! and Happy Easter!!

Tomorrow BBC1 will feature West End Story: What Nancy, Joseph, and Maria Did Next! You'll get to see what the winners have been up to and the other contestants after all this time!! Or should I say since the Christmas special back in 2007.

Siobhan has confirmed on twitter that she will be in it!! Also gives us a Happy Easter!

So make sure you check it out! I'm hoping I'll be able to see in on youtube, unfortunately I'll be in classes when it's on! (unfair!)

West End premieres on BBC1
Monday April 5th
4:10 - 5:10p.m.