30 October 2010

More Blonde Videos!

There's another couple vids to check out. Another version of the Legally Blonde Remix which is a little clearer to hear than the last one, and a short interview with the new cast behind the scenes. Siobhan's in it for like a sentence but it's fun to watch anyway. Thanks Ginger for the links!!

29 October 2010

Tumblr Gallery

We finally have a gallery!! Flickr wasn't working out, as cool as it is but the slideshow function was kind of annoying. So I started a Tumblr account where I'll be posting all her promotional photos, candids, any maria stuff, anything I have really. I think it'll be easier to access and it'll look nicer!

Siobhan Tumblr

If you an account be my guest and follow! I'd be happy if you did!

Legally Blonde Remix

I didn't think we'd see an audio so soon and I'm liking this efficiency!! She sounds so good!! I don't know the songs too well to know who sings what lines but I can definitely hear her voice for about the first minute and the last twenty seconds, sounds brilliant! Everything I've read so far says she's a great Vivienne! I haven't read one criticism!

Check out the voice!

25 October 2010

Omigod You Guys! Legally Blonde Tonight!

Siobhan premieres as Vivienne on stage tonight! Or since because of the time difference she's probably got another part of the second Act to go! I hope she's enjoying her time there, her tweets seem like she was excited and nervous. Makes sense to me!

I'd love for some new production photos to pop up somewhere, otherwise hopefully some twitpics of her in costume! Haha

To add, I'm loving the new photoshoot pictures! I'll be posting more of them in the next couple days. They are labeled "album ideas", and I can definitely see a couple of these included in the album.

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