23 September 2008

It's Siobhan! Look!

Continuing in our Maria reviews is Siobhan's first live performance "Man! I Feel Like A Woman". I have a clear memory of watching this episode because I had missed the 2nd show and was crossing my fingers and toes to see her in the opening number. But when I didn't catch of glimpse of honey golden hair I was getting worried. Having questions in my mind like "How the hell did she NOT get through?" But I counted 9 girls, not 10, and still had those toes crossed!

Luckily enough, halfway through, that "bugger off girl" dropped out and guess who was strutting down those steps! I had a hard time containing my pandemonium from the others in the room, I'm sure I received a few stares.

I thought this performance was "simply great!" I couldn't find really any faults with it. She kept it fun and sexy and it was a performance to get the show started. I will agree with Zoe's comment though (I never disagree with her!) that Siobhan could have been a bit more bold with it but I wouldn't of thought that without her mentioning it. Also, it was the first time to hear her sing a pop song and she didn't disappoint. She can sing anything for me any day!

Note to self: David Ian said Siobhan was beautiful 6 times in 20 seconds, Graham's comment was just spot on! Ewwwwwww indeed!

A few unimportant remarks here and there until Zoe comes along giving the quote "sometimes I feel that there's not quite enough going on behind the eyes, sometimes I feel she could be singing bah-bah-black sheep." Well I think she got that image from the ribbon around her neck, maybe reminding her of Little Bo Peep? Does that also mean Siobhan was a sheep herder not a goat herder? Oh dear!

Personally I thought she resembled more of Minnie Mouse without the ears. (Although the ears seemed to be more down south.....) And she just so happened to come by my favorite color, oh joy!

Check Out Moment! - Siobhan's expression after Andrew's 'gorgeous comment'. I can't unravel it exactly but you could tell she didn't like that he said it. She wanted him to mention other parts in her performance than well, the obvious. Which that one expression showed me that she was real and not superficial.

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