16 December 2009

In Sheffield Tonight!

There's a charity concert being held right at this moment at Sheffield City Hall and Siobhan's present! Comedy genius Peter Kay is hosting his pal singer-songwriter Eliot Kennedy's concert for the night.

"The show will also feature star guests joining Eliot to sing the songs he's written for them - including members of pop chart-toppers SClub, Simon Webb from Blue, Fame Academy's Alistair Griffin, Kavana, Kenny Thomas, Scott and Abz from Five, and Lord Webber's How To Solve A Problem Like Maria finalist, Siobhan Dillon.

Siobhan, who has recorded her debut album at Eliot's city centre Steelworks Studios, will perform debut single, Amazing – which doubles as the anthem of his new One Song Foundation, which will be officially launched on the night."

And as of Siobhan's tweets it sounds like a big moment for her!

I'm sure she's doing "Amazing!" (haha it's too easy)

And if the BBC are filming it, can I watch it? Please!!!

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