12 December 2009

Some old stuff

Been a bit busy with school lately haven't had time to post all these lovely reviews and such! Finally I have a day where I can sit down and blog.

Back in October, the the New Wimbledon Theatre review (i know, long time ago!)

"In one of the great female roles in musical theatre, Siobhan Dillon gives a crowd-pleasing performance as Sally, showing off a fine singing voice, just the right side of the stridency that would be misplaced in so vulnerable a woman as Fraulein Bowles. At just 25 years old, we can expect Ms Dillon to grow into the spoken timing this blackest of comedy demands, but she's not quite there yet."

The Press review from York (this time being from November)

"Still on the rise from finishing “second runner-up” in the BBC’s talent-spotting How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?, Dillon sings with drama, sensuality and passion and moves alluringly and although she could have more of a Mayfair air, she nevertheless captures the essence of her flighty, headstrong interpretation of a prickly English rose."

Another York review (like this one!)

"Bowles is expertly played by Siobhan Dillon, the second runner up from the BBC programme 'How do you solve a problem like Maria'. Her understanding of the character added an incredible complexity and emotion to her performance, stealing the show and lifting triumphantly the sombre tone of the story."

A Bristol review (I agree with one part of this!)

"Siobhan Dillon, best known as runner up in the BBC’s Maria series, was an outlandish and effervescent Sally Bowles. Unfortunately she didn’t really capture the fragilities and humanity of the character but her voice was pitch perfect, nonetheless."

Bristol 24-7

Guide 2's review of Bristol

"But then there is Dillon, who is so exquisite and has such an extraordinary voice it seems utter nonsense that her character would be the victim of a string of both sexual and professional rejections by Bradshaw and Wayne Sleep’s scene-stealing Emcee."

Gazette and Herald

"Siobhan Dillon has a versatile and powerful voice, that's never in question, but her take on Sally Bowles’ is rather more screechy housewife than sophisticated socialite"

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