21 September 2009

Blurb from Sunday Mercury

Just a mention from Sunday Mercury for Cabaret. Everything positive, with a comment that needs to be highlighted for it's brilliance!

It’s 1930s Berlin – and the city folk are having a ball.

Hyper-inflation following Germany’s defeat in World War I has rendered their savings worthless, so they just want to spend, spend, spend.

The Weimar Republic has abolished all censorship so there’s no closing hours, and you can say and print what you like.
All sense of morality has gone out the window.

And everyone is hell-bent on seizing the day by revelling in the wealth of cabaret bars, revue bars and experimental theatre that has sprung up.

The Rep’s production of the celebrated musical Cabaret re-enacts the spirit of these times with relish.
It’s a fast and furious show, with a teasing touch of saucy humour.

The scantily-clad cast reels around the stage in stockings and suspenders, or just flash their bare bottoms, in several scenes while dancing and singing is played out.

Wayne Sleep shows off his fancy footwork and versatility as a dancer – despite his elder years (he’s 61) – and engages wonderfully with the audience who are delighted to welcome his banter.

Lichfield lass, and former star of TV talent show How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria, Siobhan Dillon proves a striking, yet vulnerable, Sally Bowles.

Her performance was powerful. And her hair, not a central part of the show, so shiny.

It’s a shame the evil Nazis had to break up the party. The show provides a stark reminder of the horrid fate that befell the heady Berliners.

Can't help but laugh out loud on that one! Link below:

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