4 November 2009

Half and Half

A bit of praise and a bit of criticism in these next couple reviews, nothing too disheartening though. I see more praise in both of them.

From Broadwayworld:

"In one of the great female roles in musical theatre, Siobhan Dillon gives a crowd-pleasing performance as Sally, showing off a fine singing voice, just the right side of the stridency that would be misplaced in so vulnerable a woman as Fraulein Bowles. At just 25 years old, we can expect Ms Dillon to grow into the spoken timing this blackest of comedy demands, but she's not quite there yet."

From IndieLondon:

"Siobhan Dillon almost gets away with Sally Bowles and, in fact, succeeded in showing her vulnerability better than her brashness. I felt she was a little insecure in the role as her performance improved noticeably as the evening matured and I think Bowles is in her if only she would let her out."

Looks like this is the last month for Siobhan in Cabaret, her last date is November, 28th in Bristol. Then I believe from I've heard she'll be performing in Dublin for a couple weeks! So book tickets soon!


wbn3 said...

I have seen Cabaret at seven different theatres in the past year, Sam Barks playing Sally Bowles four times and Siobhan Dillon three times. On Saturday 31st October at the New Wimbledon Theatre I thought Siobhan was superb. She has now absolutely nailed the Sally Bowles character and her singing and stage prescence were of a very high order. I am booked to see Cabaret in York and also the final show in Bristol on 28th November and I am really looking forward to seeing Siobhan again. I believe that stardom beckons for this young lady and I will watch her career with great interest.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm glad to see she's doing so well!! Superb you say? All these great comments are making me really jealous lol

wbn3 after you see the final show in Bristol would you like to write a review for the blog? You could be the eyes and ears for the rest of us. Let me know thanks:)

So glad you're becoming a fan! She deserves the recognition!

wbn3 said...

I will certainly write a review of the Bristol show which will bring the tour to its finale. It would be great if it could get a West End run.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much that means a lot!

Yah it'd be nice for it to make the West End, from all the reviews I've read seems like a pretty good show.