18 June 2010

CSWY Songs!!

I updated the youtube account with some old vids, some new vids, and two new songs!!! There's an mp3 of Can't Smile Without You and Somewhere Down the Road and both are just outstanding. Her voice sounds so powerful! I also thought she sounded different in general but then I remembered she has an American accent in this musical, so that's why! hah! I'm so happy I have a good quality version of CSWY!! I didn't think I'd ever hear of it again!

In other news, Siobhan tweeted she's going to be on frenchmusic radio on Sunday at 11am. singing Hopelessly Devoted to You in Acapella. Never heard of Frenchmusic radio before, I might miss this one out. Oh well, I'm still so excited about the CSWY songs!!!

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