26 October 2008

The Journal Review

Well you can't always get what you want right? Atleast the reviewer didn't lash out at anyone specifically, just said the musical was "bad-good" or "bad-bad" I don't think they picked one in the end. Actually the whole article it seemed like the reviewer just really didn't care either way.

The acting is solid-oak-furniture wooden, and there doesn’t seem to be quite enough chemistry between the leading couple, although marginal compensation is provided by the efforts of Lauren (Francesca Jackson) who appears to be a bit more warm and emotive.

Well I'm happy for Fran with a nice comment but that just sucks for Siobhan with the "wooden" comment. I know any fan and myself would have just loved to chuck a chunk of it at the person who has called her that.

He/she did like the songs though, The show-stoppers of the night are “Can’t Smile Without You” and “Copacabana” – does Siobhan sing both of these? Well they like her voice atleast there's no denying that.

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Of course if the article didn't make you smile I thought the new fan photo might!


David said...

Well Jess I think it's fair to say that most theatre critics have a lot to learn. Just look at 'We Will Rock You' which opened in the West End in 2002 to savage reviews. Six years later, it's still packing them in. Thanks for trying guys but the public vote with their feet and plenty of them are heading for 'Can't Smile Without You' and rightly so.

Sara said...

Jess - If the reviewer can't even be bothered to get the character names correct when publishing an article it says more about them than what there reviewing so I'm with David on this stuff the review