2 October 2008

Who Is This Helen Jones?

The What's On Stage Manchester Review for Can't Smile Without You has just recently surfaced online and I am very surprised to read the first bashing for Siobhan.

"But How Do You Solve A Problem like Maria’s Siobhan Dillon as Mandy (geddit?) doesn’t possess either the same charisma or the ability to convey any personality. She spends most of the performance looking stiff and unnatural, leaving only her face or voice to convey any character. As such, Mandy is not quite the enigmatic figure that you know from the iconic song."

As soon as I read that my thoughts right away were, "Ok if this is a guy, he is gay and only gushes for Chesney. And if this is a woman, well then she is just crazy jealous of the girl for being able to hold Chesney."

But since this is the stand out review since every one of the others give her nothing but praise we will just try to dismiss this one shall we?

I mean c'mon Helen, you might as well throw Siobhan down the stairs.


1 comment:

David said...

There's always one isn't there?
Helen -- you should've gone to Specsavers.