11 November 2008


Ahh the 3rd live show, well it was definitely fun and upbeat and I watched it quite a few *cough cough* too many times. But, if I had to pick a least favorite performance, it would be Jump. Not that I'm saying Siobhan did poorly in it at all, I thought she was fantastic as always. It was just the song, I couldn't take it seriously. It was just a pop song that didn't have any real depth so it's not a performance I would watch over and over again.

But it's not like this performance doesn't take home any awards. It sooo wins for best ever in the world facial expression! I mean seriously!! Look at that picture!! AMAZING! LOL

Well let's see, it started out with her interview about how everyone is pictured. Everyone knew Leanne was untrained because we were told 24/7 but Siobhan wanted people to know that she was as well. I'm glad that that wasn't the case though, because in the end it kinda hurt Leanne with Andrew calling her "Baby Maria." Siobhan was practically maybe a year older than Leanne so the same could've happened to her. She also felt that she wasn't as good as the rest of the Marias, which goes to show how stressful these competitions are. Crying everyday, constantly thinking every which way. That's why you really need to be confident in yourself and not care what others think of you if you want to survive, or at least still be sane by the end of it.

But even when she's feeling vulnerable she is still able to throw in a good joke! "And Leanne has got this confidence thing, that just oozes out of every pore! I don't know where she's got it from but I want whatever she's taking!" LOL ..oh good times!

Some of my favorite parts from the song or maybe just one favorite part was when she first said jump and she actually did in those heels! She almost slipped and you could see John absolutely going wild in the background, it was just one those "Oh!" moments.

The comments weren't particularly great but at least Zoe made her sing once more, which was so high every time I listen to it I feel like I'm going to fall off my chair! Even Andrew payed attention which can be difficult for him sometimes. He said she originally planned to do "Your so Vain" by Carly Simon, which I would've really preferred. If she did it right, then it would have really shown a comedic side to her, AND at the same time she could have made fun of David Ian! That's like a two for one deal there! She said why she decided not to sing it, but I couldn't make out what she was saying exactly. And Andrew was half satisfied.

Note to self: I'll say this episode wins for worst costuming/make-up/and hair out of all 3 shows! Hmm indeed!

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