29 November 2008

The Final Night!

Siobhan's last show of Can't Smile Without You is today and I just want to wish her the best of luck! Not just to do brilliantly, (which won't be a problem!) but not to hurt herself on stage because she really doesn't need anymore accidents!! LOL

This is probably a really special day for Siobhan because she doesn't know when she will be tackling musical theatre again. She wants to focus on getting her album out now and who knows when she will be in a show again, if she ever is! Which is a scary thought! She needs to sing live as much as possible in her lifetime.

I for one am very excited for the album, and after waiting 2 and a half years, I don't mind how long it takes for her to release it! (well, sometime before the next school year please! haha)

If you are going to tonight, I envy you! I really wish I could be there! Siobhan you doing anything in April? lol

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David said...

Hope you had a great night Siobhan! We're looking forward to the new album and the next phase in your career.