27 November 2008

Another Lovely Review!

OK, I'm speaking the truth this time; I actually like this one!

It's short and isn't very keen on Chesney Hawkes but she seems to have loved Siobhan, which I am totally fine with!

It is such a great feeling to read some nice compliments (unlike others!) towards the end of the show. Her final night is this Saturday, November 29th.

WHAT: Can’t Smile Without You

WHERE: Darlington Civic Theatre

WHEN: Until Saturday

VERDICT: Disappointing male lead but superb support from cast

THERE ARE some excellent elements to this musical but unfortunately the male lead isn’t one of them.

Chesney Hawkes, although much better looking than Barry Manilow, just doesn’t have a strong enough voice to do justice to an international superstar.

It’s easy to see why he was chosen for the role. He has similar colouring and there are times when he does sound like the man himself.

However, all too often he seemed to struggle for those high notes.

He was outshone in spectacular fashion by Siobhan Dillon, a runner-up on the BBC’s How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria.

Her voice is a joy to hear. Her presence on stage is mesmerising.

The harmonies from the cast are as tight as you could ever hope to hear. The band is great and Howard Samuels injects some much-needed comedy into the show.


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