6 September 2010

End of Eras, New Beginnings

Apparently promising to be back tomorrow means in 4 days. But that's ok! Well as you should all know by now Siobhan has landed the part of Vivienne in Legally Blonde!! I was so surprised when I found out, (which was a really long time ago) I wasn't expecting any new musical theatre news any time soon. She starts playing the in-the-end-lovable-bitch in October and I can't wait! At first I was surprised to find out she was playing Vivienne but then I remembered maybe her new haircut helped her fit the image more.

Yes I see it.

She's also joining with I'd Do Anything judge and theatre star Denise Van Outen and co-Maria Aoife Mulholland! Yay! My two favorite Marias, reunited again!!! Note to either of them reading this.....pictures please!! Thank you <3

I never got a chance to say goodbye to Grease as I probably should have with a gigantic, epic post but GOODBYE TO GREASE DAYS! You were loads of fun to keep tabs on, and I enjoyed seeing Siobhan grow and evolve on stage from Patty to Sandy. I look back now, and "Patty days" were 3 years ago, where did the time go?

On to Twitter talk, if you haven't noticed I added a tweet feed on the right hand column. She said she's in LA at the moment and then on to New York. Which is only a few hours away from me. That's just plain teasing I think. If only she was playing Blonde on Broadway, I could possibly afford if not make that trip! One day maybe!!

So no other new news I'm afraid as of right now. Maybe we'll hear something of the album on myspace soon ,and definitely next month should be buzzing with reviews and pics (hopefully!). This time last year was Cabaret and you all know how exciting I found her in that role. Which I hope she gets a chance to play again in the future, 3 months wasn't enough for me! I'm hoping Blonde excites me just as much!

If I'm missing something important on the news side please just email me, I feel like I'm missing a detail.

P.S. Leanne Dobinson just liked my status on Facebook. It made my day.

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