17 July 2010

Final Week!

This is Siobhan's final week as Sandy in Grease! If you haven't seen her yet try to get tickets! This must be kind of an end of an era for her because she started her Grease career back in 2007 playing Patty, Marty, and Sandy. Now three years later she's handing back the cat suit! Maybe it's sentimental? Hope so because I'd love to see some pictures of her final night even if it's just a couple! Just want to see some memories snapped!

I'm afraid I'm going to miss her final night since I'll be away from internet access for the next week. Of course it has to be this week!! Hopefully so good doers will/can help me out! :)

Good luck Siobhan!! Give them a show to remember!

PS: Congrats to Lauren from 'Over the Rainbow' who will be taking over the role of Sandy after Siobhan next week! I already know she'll be fab! xx

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