17 February 2010

Touchbase Interview

Touchbase magazine did a piece on Siobhan recently as one of their "local success stories". They discussed how she came to audition for Maria and the opportunities that opened up after the show. What it was like to work with Eliot Kennedy on her debut album which she's hoping to release the first single this summer. I'm guessing the first single is 'Amazing' from the OneSong Foundation. If your not interested in the reading, the new photoshoot looks fantastic! It looks like it's from the same shoot as the picture I posted a couple weeks ago. I hope bigger versions of these pictures surface at some point!

I took screencaps for anyone who wants to read the interview or you can visit the link posted at the bottom. When I took the caps I didn't realize how you will have to keep switching back and forth if you want to read it in order. So bear with me!

My favorite bit was her comparing other artists to her sounds and what the album is made up of, it sounds like great variety! I love Tori Amos!

"My influences are everything from Karen Carpenter through to Tori Amos. A lot of it is quite theatrical. There will always be strings and a big grand piano involved. Hopefully we're looking at the summer for the release of the first single."

Beautiful photos! The Cabaret one is especially stunning:) And they credited the blog while they were at it! That's amazing, now I feel even more pressure to update more! Hah

For a full look at the interview check out their site here:

Later tonight I'll be posting the radio interview Siobhan did with Elaine Paige this past Sunday. In it she sang Hopelessly Devoted To You which I'll post as well. It was brilliant of course can't wait for you to hear it if you haven't already.

P.S. Siobhan performed with the Grease cast last Friday on ITV Breakfast. If anyone knows where I can find this performance or they happened to record it, I would be forever grateful if you could share it with us, thank you! xx

EDIT: Sorry if the interview caps are kind of small, the blog makes them a certain size these days and I'm not tech savy enough to fix it! I recommend just going to the link to read it.

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