31 August 2009

Message from Siobhan!

Siobhan recently just sent me the low down of what's been going with her in the last few months, check it out!

Ok, So... I was busy recording one of my songs in the studio with my producer Eliot Kennedy when I had a phone call from Bill Kenwright's office asking me if I wanted to audition for Sally in his 3 month UK tour of Cabaret!

I didn't even think about it.... I just said YES and the following week was auditioning!
They offered me the part 2 days after and that's when the fun began!

I took 10 days holiday in the South of France and when I returned I had two weeks of constant work.. learning lines, songs, choreography and subtext of the radically complex characteristics of Sally Bowles!

This job for me has been such a massive learning curve, it's rapidly turning into a spiral of learning curves!! The thought of learning a whole musical in two weeks was daunting but now I'm completely absorbed within this fantastic role and am absolutely loving every second. I couldn't wait to get my teeth into a really meaty acting part and finally, here it is!

This musical is essentially a play with extraordinary dancing and music... Which, I realise, sounds obvious, but I never really understood the meaning behind these iconic songs. They are a continuation of the script and seem to have so much more meaning in context.
A gripping story line, beautiful, haunting, sexy and just plain saucy songs! Amazing choreography from aggressive tap to contemporary ballet, cleverly written dialogue and a wonderful cast!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just hope I do this amazing part justice!

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who often message me on Facebook showing their support and sending love and luck... It's always so great to know people enjoy being a part of what you do...

I will send in little updates when I have news, and let you know how it's all going!.. As for me right now... I'm just resting up before our first night in Birmingham on Wednesday (Day after my Birthday! 25 now! Getting old!)

Bye for now! From a nervous, but very very excited Siobhan! Fingers crossed!!!!!! x

There you have it! I just learned quite a bit from this little email. Eliot Kennedy seems like a pretty cool producer having worked with S Club 7 and Spice Girls. Also, now it's confirmed she'll be in Cabaret for 3 months, not a whole year. Well, let's hope I see her one day!

Thanks Siobhan for giving us an update in musical world! We all really appreciate it!

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