22 June 2009

The Final Part 1

I'm sorry again for the long wait in posting but what can I say? I have been very busy lately but that's not all true. I also can't help being an extremely lazy person. So let's leave it at 50% workaholic and 50% pure procrastination! Plus, it's probably a good idea I'm spreading these reviews out because really, there is hardly any news at the moment. Just that she's still recording the album, and it is still supposed to be out this summer .....hopefully! *fingers crossed*

But where were we? Oh, yes "The Final." Where no one saw that result coming. I remember this day pretty clearly actually. I only just found Maria performances on youtube on the day of the final (or the day before, can't remember.) I watched all of Siobhan's performances over and over again (mostly "All That Jazz" lol!) So the day of the final I was hoping the clips would surface youtube in a matter of hours after, my prayers were answered...sort of. My Nan called up after they all sang their first songs, she said the judges didn't like her performance as much as the others. So at that point I was pretty set on her getting 3rd place. At the time I was only bewildered by two things, 1. How in the world does someone who is so amazingly talented and beautiful get 3rd place? And more importantly, 2. How the hell did Helena get into the final? Those thoughts were almost three years ago and my opinions since then have changed many times. It took me awhile to figure it out but Siobhan wasn't ready for Maria, when it came down to acting. Also, I don't think she had the "look" for Maria. It might be terrible to say, but she was too gorgeous for the character. She belonged in something a bit younger for her and more modern. That's why I think Grease suited her so well.

Luckily for me before the first results came on, someone posted the first performances on youtube. I remember watching "Anyone Who Had a Heart" and thinking, "this is BLOODY BRILLIANT! HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE THIS??!?" I think it made me kind of angry. (no kidd.) I had myself believing they planned to say "you're too young for this" and "you do struggle with passion and emotion" because that was clearly not the case with that performance. I got as much emotion from it as I did with Connie's "As Long As He Needs Me", but they planned for her to win so no bad comments for her. I loved every moment of her performance, every facial expression and every note. I didn't really notice that her voice was too high for the song, it seemed just fine for me. At some points I actually thought it sounded amazing. Actually scratch that just watched it again and everything sounds amazing except for the high parts for me, they're just really good lol. Does that make sense? For her not to sound amazing at the high parts? IDEK, someone will have to explain it to me.

I love how she doesn't even look out into the crowd not even one glimpse. It's always the guy, her hands, the floor, the ceiling. She's completely in character in this one which I don't think we had seen since "Chains". Best parts are obviously when she knocks the chair down and then hits the model guy in the end, there's no denying the amazing-ness of dramatics!

Performance over and Graham starts asking questions, I always do get a little tense before Siobhan answers because she does have a tendency to not say the right thing. A lot of votes depend on what the contestant's view is of themselves and of the competition. What she said wasn't too bad but Andrew's fake smile after she finished didn't really help her. (ERRRR!)

David starts off the comments and I really HATE his quote "I think you do struggle to show passion and emotion, perhaps as a person as much as an actress." Do I not understand this quote or did he say she is emotionally disabled as a person? That's kind of a funny diss if it was a joke to a friend but c'mon he was serious! That's just awful, no wonder these girls cry backstage. There's some emotion for ya!

John and Zoe's comments were good, no harm done. I love Siobhan's thank you after Zoe's comment though, it's so cute and sincere.

But of course, the comment that's well, "suppose to matter" was Andrew's "yes, but in a year or so". Which as I said before I was really annoyed with, now I agree. It just still bugs me because her reaction to it is "omg I can't believe this!" and at the same time "I'm really depressed now", but I guess he had to say it for her own good.

Btw her hair completely won at life in this episode. Just stunning!

Will have more review of the Final and soon I promise! Here's a youtube link of the performance.

PS: Welcome BBCA fans! I'm glad to see all the American flags:)

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