15 February 2009

All That Jazz

The long awaited review for Siobhan's 'All That Jazz' is finally here, and it's almost worth it. The semi-final is always so tense between the contestants that it could either be my favorite episode or least. The judges all of a sudden became a lot harsher with their comments and Siobhan's porcelain doll image was too shiny and clean for them this time around.

Even before the performance I already had the feeling that Andrew wasn't going to like it. Graham was a bit skeptical when he read the song title and Andrew didn't help when he said "I don't know" to if she could pull it off or not. We then saw what she was wearing and I'm sure there was a moment where the population went "Oh my lord what is she wearing?.....not much." Now I bet there were many who quite enjoyed it and then others who probably dropped their tea cups. Personally, I thought it looked more like a Satanist's table cloth than anything, but Siobhan pulled it off, she looked amazing obviously!

Now enough about the dress let's talk about the actual performance! Well, it was good. Sometimes even great. But it wasn't "ohmygodthisisthemostamazingthingihaveeverseeninmylifegood!" as the judges were hoping for. The first time I watched it I was so happy for her thinking that she really pulled that out of the bag. I was really angry with the judges comments, I mean were we watching the same performance? The only judge who didn't give her criticism was David, but he didn't help when all he spoke about was how she looked. The other judges didn't think she "inhabited enough", which over time I've been brainwashed to believe is true. I mean if she did inhabit it any more she'd practically be Velma Kelly and she'd be getting a standing ovation (well at least from me!) Now that's all I can think of is that the panel wanted something from Siobhan that was over 100% in order to beat out their front runner Connie. Instead, they were given something just above 90% that made them realize and made sure that the audience at home noticed that they didn't want her to win the competition.

I definitely felt bad for her because it looked like she just worked her socks off to deliver that and to get those comments back must of made her want to punch something. Though, I will say that she didn't help herself when she said "I think I can do it" to Graham. She changed her answer so it sounded a bit better but it was definitely one of those "Oh F***! I just screwed myself" moments. It was almost like Andrew was hoping she would say that. Yeah, sometimes I really hate that guy!

Now this performance did lead her into being in the sing-off with Aoife, and I'm kinda glad it did because it was amazing to finally have a good sing-off! Siobhan sang beautifully as always, but for some reason unknown, it was more beautiful than it normally is. I do agree that Aoife acted it better than Siobhan but that's hard to judge because they acted it differently. Siobhan acted it like she would be on stage and Aoife did to the audience at home through the camera. So I understand that the audience understood Aoife more because she was acting right to them. So actually, I can't choose between the two they are my favorites after all.

The only thing that I didn't like in this episode was Siobhan's reaction to her being saved for the final. I understand that she was very shocked but it came across as rude to Aoife. She did redeem herself though when she said "I'm so sorry!" at the end of Aoife's 'So Long, Farewell' with Aoife saying back "Oh, it's OK!" Awwwwwwwww, cute!!!
Parts to watch out for:

When she sings the line "C'mon Hun, we're gonna bunny hug!" I think that's the best part of the vocal. Definitely a rewind pleasure!

Also Siobhan's many faces of the night. She's just VERY good at making them!

Ahhh, good times!

Watch All That Jazz!


David said...

Oh Jess -- literally LOL moment at the beginning -- ''almost worth it.'' It's worth it just for the 'many faces of Siobhan' montage -- priceless! But the review isn't half bad either. Personally speaking this is probably my favourite Siobhan performance -- like the lady herself it's just so much fun!

Anonymous said...

oh i forgot to add your 2 cents in! lol i knew i was forgetting something! haha