15 October 2009

Siobhan's Doing a Workshop!

That's right, Siobhan's doing a workshop for musical theatre with low and behold her Maria pal Leanne Dobinson! Oh it's a Maria reunion! Love it!

She'll be doing West End Workshops on Tuesday, October 27th and Wednesday, October 28th at the Performing Arts Center, Esher High School.

"Your session starts with a warm up, then a West End tutor will teach you a famous number from a West End show. There is an opportunity to invite your family to see your ‘star’ performance, followed by a question and answer session."

Sounds pretty exciting to me, if any of you are interested here's the link

A couple other bits for you...

A review from Gay Community News

"At the beginning of the show, Sally gets fired from the Kit Kat Club, which means that she and Emcee never get to sing together, as they did in the movie. This is a big pity, since the powerhouse vocals of Siobhan Dillon are the glue that hold this production together and pairing her with Sleep would have provided her with much-needed comic relief."

"Her three recognisable numbers, 'Mein Herr', 'Maybe This Time' and 'Cabaret' are showstoppers in the best traditional sense of the word, the first coreographed in constant motion on a moving staircase, making good use of the talented, buffed-up chorus. Dillon plays Sally as a woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown at all times, a desperate, frenetic thing who never stops moving and wants to be anywhere but where she is. She's heading into a life of obscurity as Clifford's wife and mother of his child, rather than that of a star, which is where her heart defiantly is."

"Sally sings 'Cabaret' just before heading off to have an abortion, effectively putting an end to her affair with Clifford, and Dillon's brilliant delivery veres from a heartbreaking, broken and frightened wail to a bold, sassy statement of empowerment in the face of dark forces. She certainly makes the part her own; Liza doesn't get a look-in with this Sally."

And one from the California Chronicle

"If Siobhan Dillon's Sally Bowles lacks Liza Minelli's sardonic edge, she more than makes up for it with her powerful singing voice, no more so than in Maybe This Time."

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